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"Little screw" pry op
Central fastener battle to end in favor of China. World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled last Friday, the European Union on China's steel fasteners (such as screw

Screws from a hardware
All along, China's domestic hardware companies generally smaller, while the hardware business in our hardware-based products to OEM, and metal product design an

Yao Yueping: Qualified
April 2002, Yao Yueping through layers of screening and a series of visits, were recruited to the Yangzhong Zone fortress village accountant's workplace. The vi

Screw cap 119 when the
He put a screw cap set in his lower body on ... ... His wife, fire fighters, doctors ... ... 20 hours later, Mukden Medical College Hospital in Shenyang on

Korea develops new car s
Below the support of Korea government, manufacturer of component of a few cars and a research organization developed Korea jointly a few days ago component of a

The European Union defer
Integrated dispatches from foreign news agency reported on September 3, european committee member already was deferred give an official needs and need develop i

Because 1000 enterprises
After each province hands over exam paper of energy-saving 2007 assessment, hold Chinese cost can energy-saving responsibility assessed 1000 enterprises of 1/3

Court of Canadian intern
On August 27, 2008, canadian internationalCommerceThe court returns do all one can with respect to canal of carbolic steel welding lineAnnulTurn over allowance

Of stainless steel about
Cold extruding is one of technology of figuration of accurate plasticity bulk main component. Cold extruding is to show the metal below cold conditions semifini

Fastener technology know
Da Keluo is Dacromet transliteration and abbreviate, abbreviation amounts to dragon of the gram collect, rust that amount to a gram, Dick. Home names the chromi

Market of Chinese rolled
] Chinese market hot-rolling board coiled on October 22, in thick board the price is certain in small go up, cold rolling board coils the value is little reboun

Head steel share profit
Head 8 years 3 quarterly reports show steel share, company 7-9 month achieves business gross earnings 5.664 billion yuan; The net gain with vest in possessory p

CIF2008 China (Chongqing
Run a region: Chinese · Chongqing Release a company: Company of exhibition of heart of Chongqing rich luckHold time: 2008-11-5 comes 2008-1

Iranian international st
Run a region: Abroad [IR] Release a company: Beijing rich exhibits international exhibition limited companyHold time: 2008-11-11 comes 2008-11-14H