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M27 bolt ruptures analysis
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One, the M27 fastener that join of overview railroad frog uses joins deputy become loose, the problem that rupturing is railway system attention all the time, it matters to fastener to join not only deputy service life, more important is join deputy become loose or rupture to matter to railroad drive a vehicle directly still. As the country large railroad frog produces a business, ZhejiangSome company takes this one problem seriously especially, be dedicated to seeking a technology all the time advanced, the fastener with reliable quality produces manufacturer.

ShanghaiCompany of especially accurate fastener is a business that pursues research of the fastener that prevent a pine and production technically by, produces product applies in railroad industry very wide. In be informedShanghaiAfter product of bottom spy company can solve the problem of fastener join deputy pine effectively, ZhejiangSome company is askedShanghaiBottom spy company is hisSupplyRailroad frog fastener joins deputy. Undertake a few batches do not have recurrent join for goods continuously deputy the question that shake, the effect is more distinct.

But in April 2005, the condole after frog is installed sends the storage yard outdoor, after the event, discovery has a M27BoltThe head ruptures, cause bilateral height to take seriously. For the analysisBoltRupture reason, solve a problem, shun similar case happen again, ShanghaiSite of development of the member that limited company of especially accurate fastener is sent on a special trip by undertakes investigate and be been opposite rupturingBoltUndertook a series of test and analysis. BoltRupture the form sees a picture one.

2, join deputy technical condition
1. StandardM27 joins deputy be the demand production that regulates according to national level Gb1228, Gb1229, Gb1230 place, among themNutBe it is a basis with Gb1229, press the big flange that the standard of Spl-co producesNut, whorl and over all dimension according to apply surely firm product standard.
2. Technical condition
(1) intensity: Bolt
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