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Whorl designs main essential factor
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On November 18, 1948, the unified whorl agreement that signs in Washington laid the whorl standard foundation that accepts generally. From now on, unified whorl becomes all machine to machine fastener the standard of imperial whorl, and be in the whole world is general.

This chapter introduced the standard of Asme of unified and imperial whorl that the United States and even whole world approve. Did relevant section to choose to each standard, in order to suit all fastener in this book.

This chapter technology content is exact, have principle explanation and setting introduction rarely. Because this Ifi thinks, this order content introduction gives pair of whorl ABC understanding very little " dilettante " the meeting is very beneficial. Its purpose is the more character that will explain whorl is designed with straightaway language, use correctly what help technical personnel understand whorl in the round more.

The basic characteristic of whorl
The action of whorl is to give fastener bearing and the ability that deliver load.

When design and treatment whorl, the geometrical character that wants a consideration and dimension character have more than 125. But, engineers should be familiar with only among them 30 kinds or so, can all sorts of whorl understand be proficient in its function. Refer to a graph 1, graph 2, graph 3 (A, 1, a, 2 with A, 3 pages) . Additional A, 40 with A, the understanding that the graph in 41 pages also conduces to this pair of chapters.

Whorl is to point to inside normally, outside cylinder apparently make a groove with corkscrewed yarn form or inside, outside the groove that go out is made by awl spiral form on taper seat and form have even and sectional raised. The whorl on cylinder calls straight whorl or columnar whorl. The whorl on cone or conic cut body calls conic whorl. Whorl points to outsideBolt, ScrewWith the whorl of snail column, whorl basically points to insideNutAnd attack the whorl inside aperture oneself.

Axial is sectional the whorl structure inside calls whorl the tooth model (outline) , it is mixed by bottom of tooth top, tooth 3 parts comprise tooth side. Whorl tooth supports and pointed V word is formed by the tooth model hind the triangle that forms. Primitive triangle height (H) J is tip pointing to a tooth to the end of the tooth pointed radial measures an interval. To uniting whorl, h is the pitch of 0.866025 times. The main effect of H is to be used at computational whorl to design parameter.

Tooth top and the whorl that dimension requirement accords with by the tooth are complete (complete) whorl. If tooth top or tooth bottom shape not complete, call not complete whorl. This kind of whorl happens in the extreme ministry of whorl fastener and whorl ending place commonly, or it is to be in
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