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Gyroidal new-style whorl locks up Spiralock oneself fastener
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Production industry of car automobile body often encounters whorl fastener to the pine takes off a problem and feel very have a headache. In recent years, they are new-style to a kind gyroidal whorl, have the snail that locks up a function oneself (Spiralock) feel very glad.

We weigh Spiralock need to apply firm whorl. It applies extensively already in the car to make the assembly of industry engine, the bracket of door and railroad car, automobile body each component and motor component bracket assemble.
Apply those who need firm whorl is by Spiralock tap treatment is finished. This kind of method is in economically very charming, because its mother whorl has unique figure, can in order to originallies closely of whorl of all and average levelBolt, and do not want a changeBoltdesign or use its they are built-in.

Spiralock tap and whorl plug guage have the tap of 36 kinds of different figure, namely: Common straight chamfer, gyroidal head, gyroidal chamfer, alloy and T, 10 material are made. Apply surely prisonNutinside whorl is to design 2aBoltUse suitably.

A series of labs check and point out countless times after actual application. Because Spiralock tap is designing the innovation on, make by it apply surely of firm whorlNut, assemble in the car thereby whorl fastener often is encountered to loosen in the industry the problem is obtained solve effectively. With apply the whorl aperture that needs firm whorl tap is made and average standardBoltSuitable when do not need other locking device or content sticking gum.

Apply for the analysis need the best method with firm effective really whorl is with in all his whorl fastener is made experiment quite. The whorl of mother of form of 60 ° V of common convention depends on completely the friction between the whorl that its weigh relatively, namelyBoltbottom whorl face andNutthe friction that posture of upside whorl face is contacted and arises.

Apply need the innovation of firm whorl tap depends on it having in the tooth bottom of mother whorl, cant of 30 ° wedge, when screw, any standardsBoltThe tooth top that go up is supporting to apply closely surely on the wedge cant of firm whorl, the law Xiang Li that makes bring to bear on to touch a generation secondhand at whorl andBoltthe axis becomes part of about 60 ° , is not to be like common and common thread in that way 30 ° horn. The law that apparent and former place produces to pressure far be more than the person that buckle, the friction preventing a pine that its produce also was increased greatly necessarily.
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