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Fastener manufactures medium lukewarm Dui technology
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Summary: In fastener production, mix in the light of the blemish of big norms, forge of semifinished product Dui that is out of shape complex fastener appearsEquipmentBlemish, become academic according to metallic model, discuss a kind of method that produces fastener with lukewarm Dui craft.

1, foreword

Standard fastener applies widelyMechanical, electric, car, traffic is carried, the national economy such as aerospace each domains. Specialization as what fastener makes, dimensions is changed, fastener industry already made the fundamental industry trade of national economy gradually, realized automation production stage by stage. Fastener state level already conformed with international standard gradually now, this raised taller requirement to the production of fastener. Current, the most advanced production method is cold Dui craft. Cold Dui harvester also from two labour, 3 labour developed 5 project, came true automation, efficient change. But, when because metallic stuff produces plasticity below normal temperature,be out of shape bigger fight force to reach cold the character that makes sclerosis, making big norms, big metabolicBoltAndNutWhenEquipmentDui forge ability is restricted. Accordingly, conventional hot Dui technology still is inside certain limits application, with the inadequacy of craft of complement cold Dui. In producing practice we are experienced deep-feltly, of a few big normsBolt, NutCannot use cold DuiEquipmentProduction, and craft of the Dui that use heat is existing to pollute again serious, heat the problem that generation oxidizes to cause charcoal.

Basis " metallography " with metallic stuff: "Model changes " academic, we are being solvedBolt, NutInterior organizes skin of inhomogenous, oxidation much, when taking off the problem such as charcoal, discovery is in metallic stuff " orchid fragile " dot above, "Recrystallization " the range of a certain temperature under the dot is better, say to the Dui forge of metallic stuff inside this temperature limits for lukewarm Dui. Lukewarm Dui craft applies in fastener production, solved big norms, be out of shape greatlyBolt, Nutproduction quality problem.

2, Dui forge craft

Craft of 2.1 cold Dui

(1) become academic according to metallic model, in the pressure with bring to bear on constant to metal blank below normal temperature, make inside modular antrum generation model changes, the appearance that presses a regulation and dimension shape.
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