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Shallow talk expand the automation of screw
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ExpandScrewInGuangdongCommon says to pull explodeScrew, cent is pulled explode explode with the top two kinds of eye. Pull among them exploding is kind of eye is medium 70% , 80% , proportion is very large, because offerAnnulThe amount is very large, home reachs the manufacturer home of this province therefore, pull explode lever still divides mostly for two parts process: Namely nob 10 rub silk. Its nob (cold Dui) automation is very general and simple, basically craft is nonexistent difficulty, but in the working procedure in rub silk, its are pulled explodeHammerThe rear submits Gu form, and to cannot glide on the road in automatic machine bridge, and cause majority enterprise to still stay in labour of choose and employ persons to send the earth of makings measure, asGuangdongNative land staff is thin be short of, salary is ceaseless go up, need automation rub silkEquipmentAlready was like thirsty to seek knowledge.

In this kind big environment falls, expand professionally not lessScrewManufacturing unit asks to put forward, use us measure all right only produce change it is backing with proprietary technology qualified personnel and experience, cooperate to develop this kind of type, eventually we used two years of much time developed this to be pulled explode the rub silk of automationMechanical. ThisEquipmentThe principle is vibration model send charging tray to be added ably assembled the space block end adjustable mat, use the oscillatory principle that place partHammerTowardHammerPath advance, solved Gu head cardHammerdifficulty, another difficulty is to send point-blank makingsHammerGroove, this pays dutyHammerOf the path pull explodeHammerBase places part through vibration pass to send stuff place, viaMechanicalThe hand is torn apartHammerBase, send makings orgnaization so far relaxed an automatic production that expects the rub tooth that sends into movement undertakes be changinged formally partly, use this one technology we first Shen Li two patent inventions and practical and new-style technology, the automation rub silk that gives out special spare parts in the reopen on this one foundation
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