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Haydn screw technology
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Sharp movement needs in a lot of designs, this can come true through a lot of means, one of the most effective kind that produce sharp movement are passed namelyScrewAndNutwhirligig is changed. In a few years of in the past, ScrewThe form of whorl also had very great progress, in order to get used to diverse norms demand. Because 60 ° V whorl maintains muscularity, machine easily, apply extensively at fixing device. 29 ° AcmeScrewAlready had 100 old histories, it can alongScrewDirection transmits load effectively, change whirligig into sharp movement thereby. Apply this one principle, haydn research and development and the history that produce linear electric machinery to already had 25 years. To ensure executive function of the system, have the factor that a lot of need consider, basically include the following fields among them: Precision, repeat precision, life, the biggest load, efficiency.

Should useScrewAndNutWhen implementation moves point-blank, ScrewWithNutClearance exists between, this one clearance can assureNutAndScrewClose suitably and each other is hands-off. To whole system, this kind of clearance can exist for certain, but when also can bringing about load to move reversely at the same time, generation carries deviation of unoccupied place or linear position on the back. This kind of deviation can describe the difference of the academic and linear journey when moving point-blank by the whirligig translate into of the input and actual and linear journey. Linear position deviation is mixed to the precision of sharp movement system repeat fixed position precision to be able to produce an effect. A lot of elements can cause this kind of error, but as a result of,basically beScrewAndNutThe gap that be in is put between---The back is unoccupied place cause.

To eliminate this kind of gap, we were developed newNut

Product- - disappear is unoccupied placeNutSeries. The simplest form is used namely compress bedspring, will twoNutRoll out to opposite way, achieve thereby eliminateScrewAndNut
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