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New-style stop retreat whorl to tighten solid technology -- win national patent
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Those who have domestic advanced level is new-style stop retreat whorl to tighten solid technology, obtained the patent authorization of concessionary hall of Patent Office of bureau of national intellectual property, Europe, Japan a few days ago.

This new-style stop retreat whorl technology to basically be aimed at in vibration the circumstance such as change of bigger, temperature falls appearBoltBecome loose, fall off, it was changed current and common adoption pitching moment formula is prevented shake a structure, use ratchet principle, realized close solid to be locked up namely shut. The operation is handy, stop retreat reliable, can repeat use, the characteristic with compatible standard of technical standard and country, international. Special apply to the chemical industry with bigger vibrationEquipment, mine of oil field artesian well, mine, vehicle, MechanicalMake, the domain such as aviation of martial equipment, spaceflight.

This technology is versed in through national defence division appoint research of spaceflight standard fastener and detect the center detects.