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Tall aggrandizement learns bolt construction skill
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One, introductive

ChemicalBoltTechnology of the consolidate after anchorage solid technology is belonged to. In last few years, building face-lifting, build the change of utility, or existing architectural alters the aspect such as extend, chemicalBoltAnchorage firm construction serves as a kind new-style, handy and effective hind fixed method, got in construction relatively extensive apply.

1, chemicalBoltcomposition

ChemicalBoltBy chemical glue canal, Screw, Washerbed down the livestockReachNutComposition.

Screw, Washerbed down the livestock, Nut(6 horn) have galvanization commonly steel andStainless steelTwo kinds (also can press requirement galvanizing) .

Chemical glue is in charge of (or with plastic the drug that pack is in charge of) contain agent of reaction colophony, solidify and quartz grain.

2, chemicalBoltconcerned parameter

Get aperture deepness: The bore deepness that will decide need by anchorage bolt type and dimension, remove a few exceptional condition, it always is more than anchorage solid deepness commonly. When stiletto, the control of bore deepness is attached most importance to especially should. If use as anchorage as corresponding manufacturer bolt to have the ensures hole depth automatically drilling machine that matchs to it (for example the type of high-tech column awl that anchorage bolt of intelligent fish card has Germany to match to it is all-purpose broach Fzub) bore, bore is very convenient.

Anchorage solid deepness: From anchorage solid infrastructure surface arrivesScrewThe distance that carries by, it is to affect its to bear the weight of of force important.

Anchorage solid ply: Solid ply is equal to anchor to be originallied by anchor the ply of the object. If anchor originallies,layer of ceramic tile, insulation is enclothed, the anchorage solid ply of anchorage solid is equal to plasterer at least or ply of layer of ceramic tile, insulation is added by the ply of anchorage solid object.

The edge is apart from: It is the distance of axes of bolt pointing to anchor to brim of component part freedom.

Ask be apart from: It is the distance that points to space of axis of photograph adjacent anchorage bolt.
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