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How to design manufacturing radial to interfere (be filled with too) cooperate w
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The interference of aperture and axis (be filled with too) cooperate, we according to " Gb1800 public errand and cooperate " standard, it is OK to had chosen relevant fits tolerance to take. But interference (be filled with too) how is assorted whorl designed, we find relevant standard or data introduction very hard however.

Introduce a kind now but equivalent is used " Gb1800 public errand and cooperate " fits tolerance is taken related standard choice, manufacturing radial is interfered (be filled with too) the technology that cooperates whorl. This covers technical program, apply to the whorl of the type of system of ownership such as section of metric, imperial, diameter, modulus. This covers a technology, bring from the name is " high accuracy whorl " the relevant content in inventing patent technology. The dominant position with this the largest technology depends on everybody can prepping according to we are opposite before " aperture -- axis " fits tolerance belt, to interference (be filled with too) cooperate to already had knowledge, choose us " radial interference cooperates whorl deputy " tolerancepublic errand belt. This kind of whorl deputy can repeat conveniently extremely outfit tear open, repeat use, the tooth that does not injure whorl.

Design production interferes the difficulty that cooperates whorl to depend on, this pair of whorl deputy how to twist freelyingly into pigheaded piece, the tooth that cannot injure whorl again.

1. 2 criterion offer reference

It is to cooperate fiducial:

This " radial interference cooperates whorl deputy " cooperate fiducial the old way that is whorl, just like " aperture -- axis " like cooperating. This everybody is OK very figure ground understands. General choice " base aperture is made " .

2 it is radial interference (be filled with too) quantity:

Consideration whorl can repeat install the characteristic that tear open, this " radial interference cooperates whorl deputy " interference (be filled with too) quantity, should compare common " aperture -- axis " those who cooperate should a few bigger, so, the fits tolerance of the choice is taken, should tall 1-2 class. The element of the consideration is: Whorl deputy when cooperating, the radial of whorl old way contacts an area, far than " aperture -- axis " little; Repeat outfit when tearing open, whorl old way can produce certain plasticity to be out of shape; Apparent difference also exists between the material of different plasticity; Those who make use closes is different (be like intense vibration and high temperature) . The situation that this needs to analyse actual application and calm. If radial dimension needs to stay to grinding is measured or eletroplate, need corresponding craft parameter to adjust.

2. Production and examine

By " base aperture is made " of production this kind " radial interference cooperates whorl deputy " , outside the tooth of whorl with appropriative " tool of high accuracy whorl " undertake form cutting, can examine only public errand of its external diameter. External diameter (old way) can undertake machining with cylindrical grinder, precision can achieve It4 class above. Law of check proved recipe and the external diameter of the circle outside examining are same;
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