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The path of the settlement of plastic screw
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As the development of plastic technology, plastic the position in modern industry is more and more significant, no matter be the things of daily life, still be the product of high-tech, plastic nowhere is absent. As a result of plastic the character that go up and metal and lumber have very big different, application is in plastic go upScrewAlso should be had and commonScrewThose who differ is characteristic. And every kinds of different plastic meeting has different property, for example: Extensibility, heat is expansile the maintenance with clamping force quality, be aimed at these different function, the choice is differentScrewIt is very crucial some in order to satisfy its different requirement. And B, ab attack oneselfScrewAnd of other standardScrew, have broader tooth hill role and shallow thread, use lock iron plate, can not satisfy the dynamic requirement with plastic lock.

Accordingly, doing plasticScrewShould consider from the following when the design:

→ optimum behavior

Special be plastic designScrewCan acquire property:

√ is taller prevent to skid torsional

√ increases the resistance that prevents a pine

The drawing power with higher √

→ saves stuff

Proper choiceScrewCan use thinner protruding stage and eliminate auxiliary locking plant, this can reduce cost to pass:

√ reduces the use of material

√ decreases when coming back

√ eliminates plug-in unit and bur

√ is clipper-built assemble

→ increases drawing resistance

Because apply technically at plasticScrewHave the diameter end lesser whorl and taller whorl appearance, the material that it can contain larger volume and bigger cut an area. Bigger cutting the face is meant namely special plasticScrewHave greater drawing resistance.

→ reduces radial stress, the destruction that avoids protruding stand because radial pressure produces an outward stress to be able to destroy protruding platform, thereby we do not want.

Although 30 ° are mixed of 60 °ScrewCan take up identical material bulk, but the in part that the radial pressure that place of 30 ° whorl generates has 60 ° thread only.

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