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Small awl locks up sealed whorl technology oneself
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Awl whorl is had good lock up oneself sealed and high temperature resistant function, but traditional awl whorl production is extremely difficult, cost also tower above is common whorl is very severalfold.

Introduce a kind of small awl to lock up the technology of sealed whorl oneself now, its manufacturing cost and producing common thread is same, manufacturing craft and equipment also with the tradition identical, that is to say, with uptodate production of common threadEquipment, can produce give this kind to have fight high temperature, fight brace up, have the thread that locks up sealed function oneself.

1, the reason with high cost of difficulty of traditional awl whorl production, production

The reason depends on the big head dimension of this awl whorl and small head dimension, it is two different nominal measure numerical value, if big head diameter is 12mm, small head dimension is 10mm.

This kind changed the whorl of nominal dimension, want to undertake machine treatment is very difficult, precision assures not easily also, as a result of the inadequacy of technology measure, create the problem with manufacturing high cost.

2, how realize awl whorl with the simplest way from lock, sealed function

Want those who realize awl whorl to fight high temperature, from lock, sealed function, do not need actually so " take greetings and gifts to the troops move numerous " , apply us only " tolerancepublic errand and cooperate " knowledge and skill can be accomplished easily.

Simple for, what should realize whorl is high temperature resistant, sealed, lock up function oneself, the thread of inside and outside that has identical nominal measure can be accomplished, do not need to change big head and small nominal size. Cite a the simplest case, a pair of interference (be filled with too) cooperate " aperture -- axis " cooperate, its are filled with too (interference) the quantity is 0.1mm the following, but its sealing, fight brace up the gender already was very strong, which apply change nominal dimension to achieve this goal even!

3, a kind of small awl locks up sealed technical parameter oneself

Introduce parameter of among them a kind of technology now: This kind of small awl locks up sealed whorl oneself, compare with common thread photograph, just " in diameter " axes has a proper inclination " deviation " quantity, this deviation quantity can have an optimal value to different material. Rely on this deviation to measure just about, the interference that can realize whorl (be filled with too) cooperate, can realize whorl from lock, sealed action, produce cost, craft and equipment, as common as production thread is identical.

Still have a kind of method that is change tooth horn, its effect is same, production and use also with before like narrating, just produce whorl tool to want tailor-made, with the tradition endless and identical, this did not introduce here.
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