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How to understand common sense of fastener major fastener to give you help
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What is fastener? Fastener in the world what standard attestation do each countries have again? Is fastener specific distribute those kinds again? What relevant content does fastener product have again? So product of whose representative RICHCO is home market? Let us understand the following content in detail!

One, fastener definition

Will two or two above spare parts (or component part) the floorboard of a kind of mechanical part that when the join that tighten solid makes a whole, uses.

Fastener is to make the connection that tighten solid and a kind of mechanical spare parts with very wide application. Wait in all sorts of machinery, equipment, car, shipping, railroad, bridge, building, structure, tool, instrument, appearance and commodity above, can see sundry fastener. Visible fastener involves a trade quite extensive. Exemple start electronic trade for, have the RICHCO fastener of international consequence, it may be said is the production bibcock of domain of fastener of global electron industry.

Characteristic: Breed norms is various, property use each different, and the rate of standardization, seriation, generalization is extremely high. Accordingly, also somebody calls a kind of fastener that already had national level standard fastener, abbreviation standard component.

2, fastener standard

GB (national level mandatory standard) , GB/T (national level recommends sexual level)

ISO (international standard) , ANSI (American state level)

DIN (German standard) , JIS (Japanese industry standard)

Inchoate cent is the standard of our country ministerial standard and national level, industry standard 3 class; Since 1989, according to our country " standardize a way " regulation, the standard of our country cent is standard of national level, occupation standard, place and industry standard 4 class; Every concerns the standard of health of safeguard human body, person and belongings safety, and the standard that regulation of legal administrative regulations implements compulsively is mandatory standard, other level all is to recommend sexual level.

3, fastener classification

Bolt -- pretext ministry and screw (the cylinder of the whorl outside containing) a kind of fastener that two parts form, need to cooperate with nut, use at fastener to join two contain the part of via.

Snail column -- without the head, only a kind of two fastener that carry the whorl outside all be being taken.

Bolt -- also be a kind of fastener that by the head and screw two parts form, can divide by utility it is 3 kinds: Decide bolt and special purpose bolt machine bolt, closely.

Nut -- contain inside whorl aperture, appearance is shown commonly flat form of 6 corner post, also have submit form of flat square column or oblate column form, cooperate column of bolt, snail or machine bolt, use at fastener to join two spare partses, make make a whole.
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