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Fastener technology knowledge: Da Keluo (zincic chromic coating) processing
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Da Keluo is Dacromet transliteration and abbreviate, abbreviation amounts to dragon of the gram collect, rust that amount to a gram, Dick. Home names the chromium that it is zinc coating, be a kind be able to bear or endure new-styly corrupt coating, compare with traditional electric galvanization photograph: Corrosion resistance of zincic chromic coating can be extremely strong, be galvanization 7, 10 times, without hydrogenous brittleness, special apply to high strenth to get power, temperature of tall hear resistance, heat-resisting 300 ℃ , apply to the high strenth component of component of motor of car, autocycle especially, decrease tall osmotic, tall adherent sex, high grind be able to bear or endure gender, tall weatherability, high sex of chemical stability, free from contamination. Amount to the base material limits of gram collect technology: Steely goods and nonferrous metal are like aluminous, magnesium and its alloy, copper, nickel, zinc reach its alloy. And the free from contamination in Tu Fuquan process, a revolution is on metallic finishing history, it is finishing of the metal on current world is full of representative new and high technology.

Da Keluo is born the earliest at 20 centuries the fifties end, in the winter of chill of Europe of North America, north, the travel of a serious obstacle motor vehicle is put on the ice thickly on road, people is scattered in the method on the ground to drop the temperature of freezing point with salt, such alleviating road is expedite problem, but the chloric ion with the back-to-back and medium potassium chloride that come eroded steely matrix, the task with serious damage, austere vehicle appeared. Martin of scientist Michael · was developed with metallic zinc piece give priority to join aluminium at the same time piece, chromic acid, go the coating of tall dispersive water-solubility that ionic water makes solvent, coating is touched go up in metallic matrix, fu of besmear of loop of course complete closed circuit is roast, form thin thin coating, da Keluo besmears the layer resists successfully of chloric ion erode, anticorrosive technology entered new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, innovated conventional technology the blemish with anticorrosive brief life.

From this, amount to gram collect technology to be adopted by American army, make technology of an anticorrosive military affairs (Mtl-c-87115 of U.S. Army mark) , arrived Nds company of Japan introduces Da Keluo technology from American Mci company seventies, and bought outright the access in Asia-Pacific area, control an American Mci company. The Japan of insularity is annual and steely corrode tonnage big, accordingly she pays attention to anticorrosive technology especially, after those who amount to gram collect technology to pass Japan again is improved, home developed factory of Fu of more than 100 besmear and unit of more than 70 pharmacy quickly, a few developed countries also introduce Da Keluo technology in succession, china introduced Da Keluo technology formally from Japan 1994, use at national defence industry to mix only at first homebred the car component that change, already developed electric power, building, ocean now project, electric home appliances
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