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Of stainless steel about practical knowledge
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Cold extruding is one of technology of figuration of accurate plasticity bulk main component. Cold extruding is to show the metal below cold conditions semifinished product puts mould model pitch inside, below powerful pressure and particular speed function, force a metal to be squeezed from inside modular antrum piece, obtain place to need appearance, dimension and the extruding that have certain and mechanical property thereby. Apparent, cold extruding treatment is to rely on a mould to control a metal to flow, a large number of move that rely on metallic bulk come of figuration spare parts.

Cold extruding technology is a kind of high spirit, efficient, high grade the advanced production engineering technology of low cost, more application at medium or small forging dimensions turns production in. Compare with photograph of craft of hot forge, lukewarm forge, can section material 30% ~ 50% , energy-saving 40% ~ 80% and can improve forging quality, improve work environment.

Current, cold extruding technology already was in the industrial department such as fastener, mechanical, appearance, electric equipment, light industrial, space navigation, shipping, war industry receive relatively wide application, already became one of indispensable important process instrumentation in technology of figuration of metallic plasticity bulk. After World War II, cold extruding technology received wide development application in the industry such as the car of foreign industry developed country, autocycle, electric home appliances
1) managing raw material. Cold extruding is to use metallic plasticity to be out of shape the spare parts that will make place want form, can reduce cutting treatment in great quantities consequently, raise overall material utilization factor. The overall material utilization factor of cold extruding can achieve 80% above commonly.

2) improve labor productivity. Replace cutting to machine production spare parts with cold extruding craft, can make productivity rises severalfold, a few times, very consummate hundredfold.

3) make an exterior surface roughness that can obtain ideal and dimension precision. The precision of the spare parts can amount to class of IT7 ~ IT8, exterior surface roughness can amount to R0.2 ~ R0.6. Accordingly, the spare parts that machines with cold extruding is general and very few again cutting treatment, need to asking particularly high point undertakes essence of life grind only.
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