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The 2nd 2008 China
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• of the 2nd 2008 China always year fastener, bedspring and equipment are exhibited premonitory
Han Dan international can be exhibited can center

· of the 2nd China always year fastener, bedspring and equipment exhibition will be in Central Plains area to exhibit a house exclusively internationally -- Han Dan international exhibition center is held, this second exhibit can set exhibit 800, install especially exhibit 18, exhibit an area 10 thousand ㎡, predicting audience number can amount to 60 thousand more than person-time, foreign travelling merchant makes an appointment with 300 or so. Chinese screw net ( also can attend at the appointed time (extend a date: A1400-1401) , distribute the 2nd from domestic and international fastener manufacturer in all along on the meeting " encyclopedia of industry of Chinese area screw " wait for propagandist book, with come from domestic and international manufacturer deepness to communicate, business of industry of help home fastener develops vaster cooperative market, dig more high grade clients.

Regard Chinese screw industry as the first portal -- Chinese screw net will be fully loaded with a mission, had done this to exhibit with all one's strength meeting, also ask China net netizen to pay close attention to newest on October 9 exhibit can dog report.

· of the 2nd China always year main activity schedules fastener, bedspring and equipment exhibition

1, on October 7, 8 days of cloth extend time

2, on October 9, 11 days exhibit formally time

3, on October 12, 13 days are removed extend time

4, on October 9 morning 9: 29 minutes of opening ceremonies begin formally to basically attend leader and honored guest: Han Dan municipal Party committee, municipal government basically is led; Always year government of county Party committee, county basically is led; Chamber of commerce of national fastener industry (association) main leader; Always year association of prefectural standard component basically is led; Business of domestic famous fastener is represented; The national fastener industry such as specially invite India, A Lianxi, Aodaliya is represented.

5, on October 9 afternoon 2: 30 minutes, 4: In Han Dan international exhibition center 30 minutes 2 buildings assembly room is held " always year fastener industry economy grows forum " will have at the appointed time not under 800 people always year the fastener industry production that reachs countrywide each district, agency attends.

6, held all ginseng to exhibit business to entertain late banquet to predict to join a number in the evening on October 9 not under 500 people.

7, on October 9, 11 days (3 days) government of people of Han Dan city, always year prefectural people government will organize industry of fastener, hardware, machine tool not to attend a meeting under 10000 people everyday about the personage view exhibit, invite always year the county answers Han view 50 thousand times to exhibit in the fastener agency of countrywide each district.
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