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Fine promote fastener to turn over dumping case situation still not Anacreontic
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6, reporter Cong Jiaxing learns via trade bureau outside city, a few days ago, on the antagonism hearing that with respect to fastener the close a case that return do all one can holds in Europe, we state contradictory reason to the utmost, industry of the Europe in thinking is nonexistent competition concerns, fastener is exported and did not cause to Europe damage, but Zhu Fang of hearing of witnesses still did not reach unanimous opinion, europe appoint whether can reduce levy eventually still not Anacreontic.

This the hearing has an European Union to produce exporter of business, importer, user, our country and investigation to be participated in the orgnaization with all possible means, fine association of the fastener that start city also expedited 4 delegates that include a lawyer inside to participate in. This is Europe appoint can hold antagonism hearing nearly 20 years first.

On the hearing, fine association of the fastener that start city is medium range of Europe product consistency, product adjusted two problems to express an opinion, product of the Europe in thinking is not similar, nonexistent competition concerns, europe appoint can answer to stop to investigate instantly. Because of Europe appoint when can investigating a product certainly, only the basis is sued square enumerated custom encode undertakes for the basis the product differentiates, do not accord with actual condition.

Fine public figure of department of trade of the fairness that start city expresses, in same encode issues a custom, what the European Union produces is high strenth fastener is mixed nonstandard, those who supply basically is the industrial user such as the car, and fine the standard component that what the enterprise that start city produces basically is low intensity, basically enter through importer wholesale with retail domain, those who face is the user of general use.

On the hearing, each just are done not have medium Europe product is similar reach unanimous opinion. Press investigation order, europe appoint meeting general reduces exposure eventually at be being made at the beginning of the next year end this year, decision whether levy. Editor: Inzen