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General component association helps the announcement that Siweijiasi postpones a
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The United States western screw exhibits Las Vegas will kick off on November 3, 2008, chinese ginseng that by China general component association and Chinese screw export a net to be organized jointly exhibit a group to be about to set out, at present announces the announcement as follows, the follow-up that pays close attention to me to stand please postpones conference report.

Chinese mechanism is current component industry association

Attend the announcement of the concerned item of exhibition about going to the United States

The each enterprise, everybody that goes to the United States represents:

My association is in charge of an organization going to the United States to attend exhibit the delegacy of the meeting, each preparation works already be in order, with respect to concerned item the announcement is as follows:

One, time of conglomerate form gather: On November 1, 2008 12:30
Venue: Shanghai Pudong International Airport 6 doors, airliner date MU583, takeoff time on November 1 14:20; Go back to the motherland time was controlled 18:30 on November 8

2, airport contact: Mobile phone of mansion quick clean: 13661109565 Yang Junfeng mobile phones: 13829776777

3, program arrangement: After adding

4, charge: The company that did not pay fee is asked fast pay fee my society.

Gathering unit reachs bank Zhang mark:
Open an account bank: Mayor of Beijing of industrial and commercial travel brings subbranch of a bank
Door renown: Chinese mechanism is current component industry association
Account: 0200003309004001321

5, other note:
1, ask everybody to be sure to carry good passport, id card, invitation letter.
2, before everybody leads sufficient rally, mix please cost of his traffic expenses after going back to the motherland, board and lodging.
3, take commonly used drug oneself, do not take provision as far as possible, should not install more it is inside boot.
4, during the United States, because personnel is more, everybody each other is not familiar, accordingly all member integrates an activity, abide by discipline, mutual keep an eye on. The attention is safe, protective good passport, wait for valuable with Id. To make everybody can mutual between keep an eye on, we are staff branch two groups,
5, AttentionCarry article not to exceed big, the baggage of Oriental now airline sets. Everybody can consign two, every cannot exceed 23 kilograms, only portable.

On October 10, 2008

Add: American journey
Took airport of MU583 Shanghai Pudong on November 1 14: The plane of 50 sets out MU583 SA01NOV PVGLAX HK50 1450 1130
Cloth was exhibited on November 2 (the United States purchases chamber of commerce to discuss late banquet)
Exhibited on November 3 meeting
Exhibit on November 4 morning meeting (national machinery conference)
Arrived by the car on November 5 los angeles, visited a plant at 2 o'clock afternoon
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