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Drop on average valence achieves a 12% home steel 8 years to come to weeks the b
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The a week after National Day (on October 6, on October 10) , price of domestic steel products appears steep fall, drop on average in 12% the left and right sides. Among them, building steel products drops 10.35% , in thick board drop 12.75% , cold rolling drops 9.63% , hot-rolling drops panel height is achieved 16% .

Analytic personage thinks, demand of the market after longing for Beijing Olympic Games to end as a result of market early days, clinch a deal can appear improving hope has come to nothing, and demand of the market after National Day grows a holiday, clinch a deal quantity again atrophic, market confidence is devoid, bring about steel price to steep fall, become since 2000 throughout history of market of domestic steel products most " black " a week.

Hot-rolling breed continues to get drop

According to Lan Gegang market of iron information research center is monitored show, up to on October 10, hot-rolling of 5.5mm of city of 10 keys of domestic coils board average price 3867 yuan, before comparing the National Day, drop 734 yuan, drop panel height is amounted to 15.96% . Achieve historical record almost. If with the word that historical apogee compared 5960 yuan on June 5, drop 2093 yuan, drop achieve 35% .

Last week Beijing, Tianjin value of two ground market drops extent all exceeded 900 yuan, value of market of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan drops extent exceeds 700 yuan, the market value such as Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu drops extent also is in 550 yuan of above.

An analyst expresses orchid case iron and steel, hot-rolling product value is declinable most rapid, near future drops range is vast, main reason is this product is produced nearly two years can release resource of apparent, market to press muscularity.

Be the same as hot-rolling board to whirl situation is same, home is medium last week thick board market price case also appeared gigantic drop. Up to on October 10, price of medium plate of 20mm of city of 10 keys of domestic 4550 yuan, before comparing the National Day, drop 665 yuan, drop for 12.75% . With historical apogee was compared 6628 yuan on June 11, drop 2078 yuan, drop for 28.43% .

Drop in market of countrywide rolled steel circumstance leaves reputation, cold rolling board coils same cannot escape by sheer luck. Last week, cold rolling of 1.0mm of city of 10 keys of domestic board roll average price 5264 yuan, before comparing the National Day, drop 561 yuan, drop for 9.63% . With historical apogee was compared 7309 yuan on June 16, drop 2045 yuan, drop achieve 27.98% .

Performance of building materials rolled steel is a bit good

In all breed, building steel products clinchs a deal the condition is fundamental it is best. Have project of partial construction site supporting the market. In the meantime, because build rolled steel to produce can, output growth rate is relatively slow, market resource pressure and plank photograph are compared relatively lesser, because this market value drops,extent is all breed in a lesser.
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