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Enterprise of global iron and steel takes action of support value of reduction o
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Enterprise of global iron and steel takes action of support value of reduction of output consistently

The global economic depression that causes by American banking crisis makes steely industry suffers concussion greatly. Steel demand glides quickly, raw material and rolled steel price drop all the way, steely enterprise already began the operation of big reduction of output of global limits, from original equipment the overhaul arrives defer resume production, arrive to be shut till the cows come home again. The whole world has a batch of steely enterprises to join procession of reduction of output again, reduction of output is sure to grow in intensity.

Europe: The 2nd big steel of European produces manufacturer CORUS to announced recently, will adopt measure to adjust steel output accordingly. This company spokesman says, "We already noticed now, market of England, export puts delay apparently with meridional demand waiting for steel, we will adopt measure to adjust output, in order to maintain small stock level. " before this, world the biggest steel produces manufacturer company of Er of tower of An Saile rice already claimed global limits reduction in production is average 15% , outside removing the steel company reduction in production that is located in the United States, its are mixed in Wukelan the 15%-20 of steelworks reduction of output of Kazakstan Si Tan, board base crop reduces 4 quarters of company of Brazilian graph Ba Lang about 20% , sale will fall from 1 million tons of 3 quarters reach 800 thousand tons. Plant of a few compressed timber of boreal Europe already arranged overhaul plan, or decrease everyday team and group works.

Alone couplet body: One of steely companies with the biggest Russia steely company announces Magenituogeersike, with mass reduction in production, cut down the member of persons employed the steel price that will answer world economy crisis to bring falls greatly, the corner that sales volume decreases suddenly. Because order drops considerably, company decision has reduction in production from October 15% , cut down the member of persons employed 10% come, namely 3000 employee will lose the job because of reduction of output, occupy the 1/10 of company staff sum total about. Later, other and steely company also conveyed Russia in succession the apiration reduction of output, li Peici overcomes steely company to express, as a result of the slow down in demand of material of semi finished steel, the company has decreased to the exit of Europe and United States; Ye husband pulls at present company to think, must optimize planned with the production November in October, because domestic and international situation is bad; Company of Russia steel tube shows, the investment plan of this company next year or above of will cut half. Wu Kelan already had 17 to shut in 36 blast furnace of domestic, and the blast furnace that steelworks still is considering to close other. The analyst of heart volition bank thinks, the crop of company of iron of Russian large section will be decreased possibly 2008 20%- - 25% .
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