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China becomes ISO permanent member to obtain metric system to decide speech to c
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GB changes administrative committee to released an information recently, the 31st ISO (international Organization for Standardization) congress passed the modification ISO constitution, resolution that enlarges amount of ISO permanent member, by ISO contributive rate ranks the China of the 6th, became the permanent member of ISO formally.

International Organization for Standardization is the biggest blame government sex on the world standardizes special orgnaization, dominant place is taken in international standardization. So far, ISO has formal member state 100 many, be in charge of establishing the current international level inside alive bound limits, in order to advance the development of international trade and science and technology, strengthen the economy between international to cooperate.

ISO is having " technical U.N. " say, china becomes ISO permanent member to be considered as international technology group generally to be mixed in the acknowledgement of field of standardization to China approbate. National level appoint express, this indicates the country standardized the job to come true in the move " historic major breakthrough " .

Although ISO is made the standard just recommends world each country to use, mandatory standard of and rather than, but the standard that issues as a result of ISO has very strong authority, directiveness and versatility on the world, to the world standardization process is having very main effect, so each national capital values ISO level very much.

In national level appoint make to 2020 Chinese standardization job developed a target 2006 in, a serious content strives to standardize the breakthrough with the new implementation in the job in international namely, become the permanent member of ISO, strive for China to counterpoise in the speech of high level of international Organization for Standardization. Through the vigorous effort of each respect, the target that China becomes ISO permanent member comes true 12 years ahead of schedule.

As we have learned, the amount that index of ISO contribution ratio basically contains each member to assume ISO technology committee, cent technology committee, working group and the amount that give priority to standard of the international that draft with this member.

Make the government sector of multilateral home, influential industrial department reachs concerned respect to take the position in ISO and action seriously very, take an active part in ISO metric system to work surely through entering the activity of technical committee, cent technology committee and working group. Editor: Inzen