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Fine the fastener that start city is exported " the volume rises valence to go u
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Exit " get warm again after a cold spell " fine course of study of job cover about to give birth elevates the fastener that start city difficult problem. Involve count according to Jia Xinghai, this year 1 to September, fine total value of export of the fastener that start city amounts to 728 million yuan, grow 50.7% compared to the same period. Among them, from suddenly the sea salt fastener that riverside port exports kind commodity amounts to forty-four thousand four hundred tons, value 57.46 million dollar, grew respectively compared to the same period 10% with 64% . Although near future order is rich,make sea salt fastener is exported " the volume rises valence to go up " , but concerned personage expresses, after eliminate produces cost to involve litre of element, effect of promotion of class of product of sea salt fastener is not apparent, company production is in for a long time " medicinal powder, small, low " condition, prosperous backside highlights industrial growing annoyance.

"It is very difficult still to us that massive devoted financing undertakes the technology innovates. " the small-sized fastener company that Xiaochen is running him in sea salt, what export 3 million yuan every year to reach 4 million yuan is nonstandard fastener, he tells a reporter, because scope is limited, and other medium or small fastener company is same, they accept the order through the trading company all the time production, earn finite treatment fee, throw capital to have new product research and development in great quantities feebly at all.

As we have learned, at present industry of sea salt fastener registers an enterprise to already exceeded 1200, produce an enterprise to exceed 800 among them. Similar Xiaochen enterprise such dimensions are lesser, with individual the company that seeks order for the unit is absent a few. Because do not have actual strength to manage a brand, raise way of sale in domestic market of management, open up, these businesses are global technical content is low, profit space is limited, resist hard market risk.

According to statistic, this year 1 to in September, classics suddenly average unit price achieves the sea salt fastener that riverside port exports 1.29 dollars / kilogram, grow nearly 50% compared to the same period. "Current exit product is main it is the technical content such as screw, nut low, replace the product with strong sex. " Jia Xinghai closes concerned personage to point out, eliminate rolled steel kind rise in price nearly 30% and those who work to wait for other production cost with labour, environmental protection is ceaseless involve litre of element, the effect that class of product of sea salt fastener promotes is not apparent; If do not improve a technology as soon as possible,content is mixed reduce cost, the export position of sea salt fastener will be produced the country with lower cost is replaced.

As we have learned, as a result of the home such as Bao Gang main steelworks reduces the price, the steel price near future of stable a long time somewhat fall after a rise, small fastener business expresses in the part, the export price that raised to chase after rolled steel to rise in price last year, be faced with again by the danger of foreign demand a low price. "Hold to current price to accept the order can have difficulty, sale in domestic market does not have the market and sale channel again. " a lot of in small fastener business faces choice of be in a dilemma.
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