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Guangzhou screw nails packing machine packing machine packaging machine screws
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Company A, Xin friends without the use of automatic packaging machinery, when 20 people use a workshop to be responsible for packaging issues, one minute a person up to five packages, then work eight hours a day with a calculated 20 people one day under ideal conditions can be packed: 20 * 5 * 480 = 48000 packaging, to work 26 days a month, 20 people a month for packaging and 1,248,000 packaging. One person once a month worth of salary, and that 20 people a month will pay 20,000 yuan output (have not counted the cost of personnel management). The use of an automatic packaging machine, the plant invested about 80,000 yuan to buy the three packaging machine, a bag packaging machine 45-65 packages a minute, then three at one minute packaging machine calculation of 50 packages a day to pack 3 * 60 * 50 * 8 = 72000 packaging, if the same month of 1.248 million to complete the package, then, three packaging machine can only 17.3 days to be completed, so that enterprises can greatly reduce delivery time and improve efficiency when create greater profits for the enterprise space, time is the life, no one is willing, and high efficiency, good quality business cooperation! The company put the cost of the machine can be recycled as long as three months back, three months after the companies that profit without the need to enter fully into a good human stage!