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Screw cap 119 when the recipe disturb the old man treatment
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He put a screw cap set in his lower body on ... ... His wife, fire fighters, doctors ... ... 20 hours later, Mukden Medical College Hospital in Shenyang on the operating table, screw cap is removed - 59 years old, he and his wife cried. Believe recipe screw cap set lower body The people (a pseudonym) is the Shenyang City, Liaoning old man in the county. "59 years old, we are married 30 years, children are married, and now we are an old married couple at home." Yesterday, 10:50, old man's wife to the people in Shenyang City Mukden hospitals outside the operating room weeping. His wife said to the people to know they are the people in the night put a screw cap to cover his body, "We have an old married couple at home working in agriculture. Yesterday afternoon, he picked up a large headland screw cap. He is a bit foreskin too long, I feel this is a thing, always said to cure that. in fact nothing inconvenient, and passed over a lifetime. Then he heard of a recipe, find something that is put on, can cure, I did not reason him. did not think he has remembered it. picked up after himself got caught up. " To the day before yesterday evening, the people feel the lower body pain, trying to win the screw cap, was found to have Nabuxialai the ... ... This tells the people his wife, an old married couple have tried, failed to solve the problem. They do not think is valid and urgent, but also very embarrassed, to say the next day. All night, his wife felt the people around her, over and over again ... ... Pliers saw fire helpless Yesterday morning, an old married couple from the bus ride to the Liaoning Shenyang doctor. "They are more than 9 points to our hospital, was already not walk Dao. Took his wife moved in. step by step. We saw his surgeon is somewhat shocked, and a width of 1 cm, thickness approximately 2 mm screw cap set on the Father of the lower body. Since the duration too long, black purple showing lower body. we did 30 years of clinical surgeon, did not encounter such a thing. "Maloney Hospital of Shenyang Medical Fengtian Introduction. First, contact the orthopedic physician, orthopedic devices that can not be resolved so quickly dialed 119. Fire fighters rushed to the hospital, when the screw cap has been deeply embedded in the old man's lower body, the penis enlargement have serious distortion. Pliers, saws ... ... After nearly 1 hour rescue, fire fighters were forced to abandon: "lower body itself is soft tissue, the screw cap hardness is also high, we can not guarantee that does not destroy the premise of soft tissue and remove the screw cap." Race against the green channel on the operating table At this point, the old man has pain was almost unconscious, his face pale. The hospital decided to immediately admitted to hospital, surgery. "The old couple did not even seriously thought of it removed to the hospital will be able to simply have no money, but his condition was very critical, and we immediately started a green channel for the hospital, the first treatment to say." Mahone said . "There may not hold, in addition to poor blood circulation, the screw cap is relatively dirty, there are signs of infection, it is not only undergoing surgery to remove." Hesitation, the old man and his wife signed. Yesterday, 10:40, old man was wheeled into the operating room in the ... ... half an hour later, the old man released from the operating room. "Remove, and keep the ... ..." said the doctor. Still holding his wife lying on a trolley to the people, the old couple cried.