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Yao Yueping: Qualified at the grassroots level to do a screw
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April 2002, Yao Yueping through layers of screening and a series of visits, were recruited to the Yangzhong Zone fortress village accountant's workplace. The village was faced with "two committees" One team of staff mobility and storage involved in land route to the three village groups and the distribution of the tone fields, so she posts the first day to report the location is not in the village, but in the field edge of a farm, this is a scene of irregular posts, the face of loud, abusive tone of chaos field site, in the face around the busy, flawless take into account the report of the village leadership issues, facing the villagers were puzzled look, Yao Yueping was a loss, loss. Soon, she adjusted her attitude, courage, initiative leading to the village before the reception of the Rebellion measuring tasks. Kinds of work at the upcoming summer harvest in autumn, more than a month's time, no holidays and rest days, she and village leaders and other "two committees" with members overcome difficulties one after another to resolve conflicts, and finally grab the autumn species satisfactorily completed before the transfer of these three fields and village in the distribution. Since the induction of Yao Yueping first task is undoubtedly a life challenge, but work experience is an accumulation of good opportunities in rural areas. Species followed by the start of the summer harvest in autumn, when the operation of agricultural machinery during the period, each household to pay the agricultural tax, tractor charges, river bank section, rural power grids fees, agricultural tariffs, a total of six water projects cost money, but the village for a long No full-time accounting, all the accounts are messy, no detailed records of all charges, amounting to some six million dollars just a big Da's IOU and the money is not handed over the receipt, total arrears amounted to only agricultural three million yuan. The Yao Yueping first timers are not familiar with the situation, and the whole is often busy deadlocked charges. But she did not shrink thus, but with an open mind to the old comrades for advice while working records, familiar part of the situation, and your staff with the town finance the tax, less sleep to come do the work, braving the scorching heat by noon and rest of the time the afternoon people, clear your mind to find a breakthrough. After two months of hard work, her village, where the ancient city of Petra turned over the first year accomplished the task of agricultural tax and agricultural tax arrears over the years all completed, greatly increased the fortress village location in the entire zone. The amazing results can not help but lead to the Yao Yueping impressive, her work is received praise from top to bottom! Begun to taste the joy of success and appreciation, Yao Yueping emotions overcome complacency, to redouble their efforts to maintain prudent style of work, she believes, as long as the collective interests as your own interests, something the villagers as their own things, as long as there is sufficient confidence and patience to be able to do everything. From April 2002 to April 2007 a full five years, her accounting-based, taking into account the village office, the militia camps, and other post work, work hard each and every port of the work shall repeatedly been well received. Many of life's opportunities and challenges more. The end of April 2007, the village "two committees," team general, team personnel facing another adjustment. Stone Castle at the village or a village of just 0.8 million and liabilities of income is as high as many as 30 million village economy is weak. After the recommendation of district leaders, so Yaoyue Ping, deputy secretary of the village party branch as a fortress and chaired the overall work. Conversations and decisions facing the leadership, both gratitude and disturbed her, grateful that the leaders of the trust and support, but also for their ability to perform the duties and apprehension. Fortunately, the village five years of work, given her popularity and good reputation, leadership trust, the support of party members and villagers, so she took office with a conviction. Months after taking office, the economy is weak link the village to village leaders and units of research, when she speak out his idea: the first in history to solve the fortress village of the problem is not office space, followed by an increase to the development of industrial economy village-level income, the promise of a large administrative villages, village leaders in rented premises in the office, say people do not believe, so how can there be cohesion of the village party branch and village committee can there be attractive. The idea on the spot has been the strong support of leaders at all levels, site office will be held at the time, raise funds, site selection, and come up with a plan and budget, will soon break ground on the office space. Everything can be unpredictable, because the location of new office space to a lot of historical issues involved, some villagers do not understand, gathered to the village to make trouble and to obstruct the construction site, how many days and nights, Yao Yueping awake at night. District leaders to understand the situation in a timely manner to the village set up a working group meeting in mediation, mediation has been the work of the first part of all party members and the support and understanding of the villagers, and finally through continued efforts, work has finally started working again. To save money, there are many facilities in the material is Yaoyue Ping village cadres themselves purchasing parity, was when the heat of the summer, she insisted to the site around 6 am, noon to the old office in the original nap in the afternoon did not leave until 7 o'clock. Year out to work because her husband the night she dragged his exhausted body to get to school, take care of the son is in high school. After six months of hard work, more than 300 square feet of offices, service centers and places of more than 400 square meters was finally completed. Office space built at the same time, the village and make an inventory of the original area of the land, greatly increasing the village income. 3 years, Yao Yueping under the leadership of the village to seek funds through various channels, a new concrete road, making the hard road of the village of more than 90%; the backbone of the village river dredging, dredge out the culvert and new , Batou; vigorously afforestation, a new La Jichi, Technical Security installed, completely changed the capacity of the village the village landscape, all work fully into the formal village, 3 years, no case of leapfrog petition events, has been repeatedly the higher departments of the awards, the village school of harmony, stability, progressive new look. Village in the good work, Yao Yueping in other ways too strict with themselves, is well known for the good treatment of elder daughter, a good daughter; heavy responsibilities towards the family is a housewife; try their best to treat children is a good mother, 2009 on her son to obtain excellent results from key universities. Years of work, her insight into, treat every job, you need to have a serious attitude and enthusiasm can do, as a rural grass-roots cadres, must take a variety of different work role, the role of each work is a challenge. Adapt to challenges, to be a primary cause of qualifying screws, is Yao Yueping consistent objectives.