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Fair of trade of product of fastener of international of 2008 China sea salt
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[Program arrangement] The cloth that postpone business exhibits: In December 2008 16—17 day In the morning 8:30- afternoon 17:00Celebration of practice of hardware city first phase: &Nbsp; On December 18, 2008 morning 10:18-11:00Reveal negotiate: In December 2008 18—20 day In the morning 9:00- afternoon 16:30Remove Exhibit: &Nbsp; On December 20, 2008 afternoon 14:00[Show range] 1, Fastener and join produce class: Column of nut, bolt, bolt, rivet, snail, gasket, fastener. Combination with join deputy reach relevant product; 2, Fastener production facilities and fittings kind: Heating installation of induction of frequency of furnace of the cold Dui machine, rub silk machine, rub tooth machine, nob machine, machine that grind a tooth, machine that attack a tooth, cold extrusion machine, machine rolling silk, machine that make a hammer, industry, mould, high school, vibration dish, gauze belt, . 3, Fastener produces raw material of form a complete set: The special material such as material of wire, special steel, stainless steel, plank, canal. 4, Machinery uses oil: Screw cap of cold Dui oil, screw shapes screw cap of screw of oily, stainless steel shapes oily, screw cap shapes attack a tooth special oil; 5 Fastener is special package machineReachIts are relevant technical equipment. 6 Content flows, carry, storage, ReachOther all sorts of component, Testing instrument machinery relevantTechnical equipment. [Rate] Machine equipment:

Domestic company International standard exhibits (norms is: 3m×3m)RMB5000 / Solely (hire since 36 square metre)RMB500 /

The standard exhibits: Chinese name lintel board, 3 boarding, negotiate one piece 2 desk, chairs, shoot the light twice, (220V/15A) power source outlet (blame illume is used) , carpet, clean, security personnel. ◎ Clearing: (hire since 36 square metre) do not contain any exhibition establishment. Finished product reveals: 1, enterprise of chamber of commerce of sea salt fastener, already bought ginseng of enterprise of hardware city berth to exhibit give entirely free. 2, enterprise of blame chamber of commerce, did not buy house company: 500 yuan / exhibit (2 a table, chairs) .
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