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Fair of trade of product of fastener of international of 2008 China sea salt
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[Exhibit meeting 5 large dominant positions] 1, Advantage of “ brand ”—— bend force makes fastener trade representative, authority, internationally famous exhibition brand; 2, Advantage of “ platform ”One of fastener industry distinguished gathering with the largest scale of ——2008 year home, it is countrywide fastener market the platform of commerce of optimal collaboration communication, the transmission platform that cooperates more new concept, new chance, newly; 3, Advantage of “ industry ”—— fine promote the 2/5 that reachs exit of product of fastener of its periphery area to take the throughout the country, exhibit can do wide hand in the major of form a complete set of the meeting to exhibit meeting, attract foreign traveling trader to door mouth to come, collect ginseng is exhibited at producing a business make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot for an organic whole, this is our distinct advantage; 4, Advantage of “ audience ”Area of border district of week of —— Jia Xinghai salt has giant client group, organizing large quantities of fastener major audiences is our advantage. The professional audience organization of high quality is to obtain those who exhibit meeting success to assure, also be to become the safeguard that attracts more to join the choice that postpone business to attend. 5, “ publicizes ” advantage—— cooperates with media of fastener industry major, magazine, website, integrated all sorts of medium resource, form propagandist resultant force, spread out all-around stereo conduct propaganda. Make all sorts of information transmit current exhibition to reach each corner of relevant domain to fastener, transmission gives the professional target of each terminal the user. [Conduct propaganda and promotion plan]Elaborate organization, stereo conduct propaganda, personage of Hua Dong major / the general mobilization that buy the home 1, through the CCTV the 1st, 2, 4, 6 channel and media of major of domestic and international fastener, website, magazine, the press is released current exhibit the information of the meeting, be in before exhibiting, in exhibiting, after exhibiting, make dog all-aroundly propagandist report, expand exhibit the consequence of the meeting and rise exhibit of the meeting famous degree, attract more ginseng to postpone business; 2, use a variety of channel, start especially fine association of industry of imports and exports of the fastener that start city and company of member of chamber of commerce of a person of same business of sea salt fastener, distribute to user of domestic and international industry and trafficker 50, 000 invitation letter and invitation, exhibit dispatch 30, 000 pieces, arouse more ginseng to exhibit business attends a meeting with visiting business attend reveal, look around purchase, exhibit the effect of the meeting in order to ensure; 3, the organization reachs relevant industry to domestic and international fastener (business) association hair case invites form a delegation look around, send 50 thousand entrance ticket.
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