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Fair of trade of product of fastener of international of 2008 China sea salt
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[Ginseng extend a program] ● Fill in extend an application form, after building official seal, mail or fax congress organizing committee; ● Application is exhibited the telegraphic transfer money that exhibit cost will be joined assign Zhang number to the organizing committee inside 10 days, be decided otherwise exhibit do not grant to withhold; ● Ginseng exhibit business to be in remit after each charge, fax bank base sheet please to the organizing committee, so that check; ● Meeting Wu arranges: Organizing committee at sessional a month consigns concerned item on display, the detailed rules of each service project such as accommodation cases only inform each ginseng exhibits an unit, ginseng exhibit an unit to report for duty to the spot by the announcement. [Contact means] 2008’Organizing committee of Fair of import and export merchandise of fastener of the 5th China sea saltMachine equipment group: 0571-86552292 85679708 Fax: 0571-86554418

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