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2008 exhibition of Indian international fastener
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Run a region: Abroad [Other] Release a company: International of boreal capital gain shows a service limited companyHold time: 2008-12-15 comes 2008-12-18Hold a place: Center of exhibition of international of Indian admire NaiExhibit meeting level: Screw and hardware industry are exhibited meeting Contact: Song Zhen solid 010-84536496 13520126894Release time: 2008-02-22Net Location:

2008Year exhibition of Indian international fastener

Each concern an unit:

India is the commerce associate with the largest area of our country South Asia, to imprint in development trade of two countries classics cooperates, into one

The pace is driven in imprint classics trade concerns, business of fastener of stimulative our country develops India and South Asia market, enlarge exit,

I manage fastener exhibits the “ India international that will attend to be held in India at organizing domestic company in December 2008

See meeting ” , before asking relevant enterprise to seize opportunity, past ginseng is exhibited, reveal, the product that publicizes this enterprise, strive for have more

Much product enters India and South Asia market.

Exhibition of Indian international fastener is the large international that sponsors by Indian exhibition alliance professional exhibition
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