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2008 exhibition of Indian international fastener
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Can, hold every year, the corresponding period holds fair of tool of Indian international hardware. This is exhibited is the fastener with South Asia the at present largest scale and hardware exhibition, got the active support of Indian government, before attracting the traveling trader that comes from and other places of Europe, Asia, America every year, will negotiate business. Exhibition holds every year, exhibited an area to be 200712000 square metre, 638 companies and enterprise attended this to exhibit, the 12000 many professional traveling trader that attracted world each district visit fair. The mass that joins the person that exhibit business to express to be able to call in to exhibiting in succession and amount feel intense satisfaction, exhibit during the meeting, exhibit business and the major that come from Indian subcontinent to bought the home to did very good commerce contact to be finished ginseng exhibit a target, below one had been booked to exhibit after exhibiting a Trade Fair for the most part of the meeting exhibit.

Imprint in bilateral trade: India is China is in South Asia area the largest trade is companionate. According to Chinese custom statistic, bilateral total volume of trade was China and India 2004 13.6 billion dollar, grow 79.1% compared to the same period. Among them, china exports 5.93 billion dollar to India, grow 77.3% compared to the same period; Import 7.68 billion dollar from India, grow 80.6% compared to the same period. Fang Ni needs 1.75 billion dollar in. The main product that China exports to India is product of mechanical and electrical products, hardware, fastener product, chemical industry product, textile, mine the cheap metal such as product, iron and steel, plastic reach balata, pottery and porcelain and glasswork, miscellaneous a goods, instrument and horological, vegetable. Electromechanical hardware product is the product with Chinese exit most India.
Indian market general situation: India is the world the 4th old economy is hypostatic, national income amount discharges 12 in the world. Indian total population 1.03 billion, middle class 約 is occupied 2.5 to 300 million, exceed 過 the total population of the United States or 歐 alliance, it is the brunt estate that develops 場 of city of 費 of quick pass the time in a leisurely way. Since 90 time, indian economy adds 長 quickly, 預 計 is before 2010, its 將 of the rate that add 長 maintains year of average total output value in 9% the left and right sides.
The development speed of the fastener product of our country and hardware product is splitting, price advantage is clearly is in in international competition. Here, we invite expensive unit cordially to enter current exhibition
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