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2008 exhibition of Indian international fastener
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One, Exhibit meeting name: Exhibition of fastener of 2008 India international reachs hardware tool exhibition

2, extend meeting time: In December 2008

3, showpiece dot: International of Indian admire Nai exhibits a center

4, limits of item on display: Of all kinds standard reachs the fastener that be not mark; Column of bolt, bolt, nut, snail, gasket and relevant treatment facilities, special mould, testing instrument; Bedspring, car component, appearance component, all sorts of five metalworking have a part

Hardware of hardware of the DIY and manual tool, dynamoelectric tool, tool, pneumatic tool, oil pressure tool, building tool, benzine and gas power tool, cut appliance and razor blade, tool that pack and fittings, building, furniture, .

5, Contact means:

International of boreal capital gain shows limited company

Location: Beijing east 3 annulus north Lu Sanyuan bridge enlighten in relief edifice 1206 rooms (100027)
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