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Industry of 2008AFS international fastener, bedspring is exhibited
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Run a region: Guangzhou of · of Chinese · Guangdong Release a company: Guangdong can exhibit promotion limited companyHold time: 2008-12-9 comes 2008-12-12Hold a place: Pa continent exhibits Fair of Chinese import and export merchandise houseExhibit meeting level: Screw and hardware industry are exhibited meeting Contact: Liao Meifeng 020-61198878 61198086Release time: 2008-09-27Net Location:

2008AFSIndustry of international fastener, bedspring is exhibited 2008Asia International Fastener And Spring Industry Exhibition Sponsor an unit: Union of machinist trade of government of Guangzhou city people, China Constituent unit: Commission of trade of Guangzhou city economy Undertake unit: Guangdong can exhibit promotion limited company(international exhibition and member of project association IAEE) Assist run an unit: Chinese mechanism is current branch of Guangdong of component association fastener Chamber of commerce of a person of same business of sea salt fastener Always year association of prefectural standard component Guangdong saves fastener guildAssociation of Hong Kong fastener Guild of lukewarm city fastener Arrange chamber of commerce of heart home appliance Guangdong saves 30 association such as bicycle guild, chamber of commerce Support media: Fastener of spider of website of website of Chinese screw net, 888 bedspring, Wei Ersen bedspring, gold net of business affairs of net, fastener Standard component of net of commerce of fastener of world of 3 minutes of website of steel wire guideline, bedspring, China, China net, this general bedspring website AFSIndustry of international fastener, bedspringExhibitExhibited in Hua Na first in December 2007, meet with rich of “GIMEE Guangzhou machine company of numerous and mechanical equipment is the same as ” showpiece, form benign and interactive, The organization of countryside Zhejiang sea salt of Chinese fastener is large-scale exhibit a group to attend a meeting, Hair of Mai Si, gold dollar, surprise surely, but benefit, Guang Hong, promote be good at, sea of another name for Guangdong Province, road is connected, about a hundred China and foreign countries such as shake dragon is famous brand of fastener, bedspring attends actively, exhibit an area 8000 much square metre. Current exhibit meeting to accumulate 40000 ㎡, fastener, bedspring sets 10000 ㎡ beforehand, exhibit 500 many. Exhibit meeting general to strive to be in form a delegation domestic and internationally ginseng exhibit, the major outside churchyard buys the home organization and exhibit the consequence respect of the meeting to obtain comprehensive breakthrough, cooperate to exhibit business to creat good chance! è
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