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Industry of 2008AFS international fastener, bedspring is exhibited
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AFS2008Focusing Guangzhou, lead southeast Asia Guangzhou is city of center of Hua Na area and whole nation city of the 2nd big industry, be located in bead trigonometry core region, border southeast Asia of HongKong and Macow, radiate, the industry of heavy chemical industry such as car, shipping, petrifaction, mechanical, iron and steel developeds. Huge market demand, advantageous area the bridgehead that advantage, powerful radiant emitance and commercial group power make Guangzhou becomes manufacturer of China and foreign countries to develop Hua Na market. AFS’2008 is sure is south the grand meeting that communication of industry of Chinese fastener, bedspring purchases, cause the great attention of industry of Hua Na and Asian area fastener, bedspring! è Push forward China has the market of vigor most Hua Na is China's largest manufacturing industry base, guangdong is the first manufacturing industry of Chinese is saved greatly, guangdong saved GDP to already broke through 3 trillion yuan 2007, occupy the 1/8 of countrywide GDP. Base of world-class manufacturing industry bead trigonometry industry upgrades pace is accelerated, line of business of heavy chemical industry is strong rise abruptly. In recent years Guangdong is made in car, shipbuilding, steely, petrifaction, machinery wait for course of study of heavy chemical industry and building, home appliance to make, the respect such as production installation of metallic treatment, Electromechanical develops strong, having very exuberant demand to industry of fastener, bedspring. è Participate in AFS fastener, bedspring to exhibit, the golden key of the market austral open China! China already work up produces exit center into global fastener, bedspring, company of more and more fastener, spring is pressing hope can overseas is found buy the home suitably, and the product that overseas business needs eagerly also to purchase their place to need to Chinese enterprise. The domain of 3 big demand of fastener product: Car, maintenance and bldg. maintain stability to increase a current to its demand, high-grade fastener production is transferred by North America and European Xiang Yazhou stage by stage. Crop of our country fastener amounted to * 2006 4.3 million tons, grow 14% than 2005, occupy world gross 1/4, predict crop will amount to 6 million tons 2010, potential is tremendous. Predict 2010, sale of entire industry of product of our country bedspring will exceed 4 billion yuan, industry of car, autocycle will exceed 50% in the proportion of bedspring market share; In fastener market the proportion of portion will exceed 25% . Bead trigonometry area is one of base of 3 big manufacturing industry, very big to the demand of fastener, bedspring, annual market demand amounts to many yuan of 3900 RMB; And Guangzhou Asia Game also brought market space to this domain 2010. è
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