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Industry of 2008AFS international fastener, bedspring is exhibited
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High quality audience comes together in crowds, the high grade close quarters that buy the home is contacted The organizing committee will carry magazine, newspaper, Internet, TV, short message group straight mail of hair, advertisement, phone mail, exhibit meeting dispatch and phone to communicate wait for a way, can undertake to exhibiting all-around propagandist promotion, force is invitedTreatment of building of car, electric home appliancesWait for production industry and domain major personage and buy the home to attend a meeting look around, purchase, predict the audience that comes from world each district will exceed 40 thousand person-time. è All previous and main ginseng exhibits a brand: Hair of Mai Si, gold dollar, surprise surely, can benefit, Guang Hong, promote be good at, sea of another name for Guangdong Province, road is connected, shake dragon, Ha Ting, Ha Si, Xiamier, dust mark, Sha Di. è Limits of item on display: ◆ fastener produces equipment (drawbench of the machine of silk of the machine of screw forming machine, cold Dui, nob machine, rub tooth machine, machine that cut trail, rub, machine rolling a tooth, machine that extend a line, wire, screw chooses machine, vibration automatically dish, etc) reach screw mould. ◆ fastener, fittings and join produce class: Column of screw, China department, bolt, nut, bolt, rivet, snail, combination with join deputy reach relevant product. ◆ bedspring equipment (computer bedspring machine, numerical control grinds reed machine, numerical control to coil the) such as furnace of reed machine, stage clip machine, bedspring experiment machine, pulling force plan, temper. ◆ bedspring and fastener production use raw material of form a complete set: The special material such as material of spring steel silk, wire, special steel, stainless steel, plank, canal. Bedspring of ◆ of all kinds finished product. è Ginseng exhibit expense: ◆ home postpones business: A area: Mark exhibits: RMB9000 yuan / ; Completely: RMB930 yuan / ㎡. B area: Mark exhibits: RMB8500 yuan / ; Completely: RMB880 yuan / ㎡. ◆ International postpones business: USD2000 / . Note 1: The standard is exhibited for 3m×3m, deploy: White boarding, one desk, 2 chair, 2 lamps, Chinese and English lintel board, exhibit a stage to bespread carpet, socket needs to be hired additionally. Note 2: Ground of the headroom inside the house is hired since 36 ㎡, nonstandard exhibit do not take any establishment, by ginseng exhibit unit proper motion or entrust a design, decorate. Note 3: Exhibit what can offer is free reach appreciation service to include: Brief introduction of 300 handwritings company logins on proceedings of a conferences, propagandist report exhibits meeting and directional organization audience, join card of the bosom that postpone business, the standard exhibits a stage to build (clean ground except) , exhibit a cleanness to reach guard, offer proceedings of a conferences two, offer exhibition report and audience concentration list.
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