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Industry of 2008AFS international fastener, bedspring is exhibited
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Note 4: Relevant and paid proceedings of a conferences and outdoors advertisement can seek advice from an organizing committee or consult " ginseng exhibit manual " . è Paid service: ◆ advertisement is publicized (advertisement of inside and outside of proceedings of a conferences, entrance ticket, exhibition hall) ◆ technology communicates the arrangement of news briefing of meeting, product and organization ◆ is additional exhibit, dynamical cable and sound resemble equipment hire ◆ item on display is carried reach item on display to put ◆ to publicize a data to presswork into the house, figure plan, special outfit exhibit build Peripheral of ◆ other specified amount has rent those who reach additional service to offer ◆ spot meal, communication, duplicate, interpreter to wait ◆ books the airline ticket, train ticket, accommodation, service such as travel More data alls alone fully, inquire a detail, ask contact: Liao Meifeng 13650792795 Address: Road of distant view of Chinese Guangzhou city168-170Mark era is collected newlyB812Room(510403) Phone: 86-20-61198878, 61198086 Fax: 86-20-61198841 Network address: Http:// Mailbox:
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