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Fastener of bedspring of international of 2008 desolate hill reachs manufacturin
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Run a region: Hangzhou of · of Chinese · Zhejiang Release a company: Limited company of exhibition of Hangzhou wide sourceHold time: 2008-11-15 comes 2008-11-17Hold a place: Chinese desolate hill is new century squareExhibit meeting level: Screw and hardware industry are exhibited meeting Contact: Zhang Jie 0571-83209387Release time: 2008-05-07Net Location:

Time; 2008 month on November 15 - 17 days Place; Square of new century of Chinese desolate hill

Sponsor an unit; Association of Hangzhou market sale

Constituent unit; Hangzhou wide source shows limited company

Support an unit; Industry of fastener of sea salt city assist Association of fastener of peaceful wave of guild of fastener of lukewarm state city

Chamber of commerce of stuff of metal of desolate hill city Chamber of commerce of machine of shoe of desolate hill city Heibei always year fastener association

Media supports an unit; Net of Chinese fastener commerce Chinese snail is webby China standard component net

Website of Shanghai Wei Ersen bedspring This general bedspring website " fastener market "

" fastener business message "   " 888 bedspring website " " Chinese bedspring website "

" Wen Zhou fastener net " " international trade net " " Chinese sealed net " " international machinery website "

Introductive; Economy of Xiao Shan — is sudden, continuously, steadily develop, open to the outside world importantly in order to become long delta area area. Xiao Shan develops one of the fastest areas with making Chinese economy, industry is the pillar of desolate hill economy, gross value of industrial output 1568, 6.7 billion yuan, formed machinery to make, steel compose net is worn, steam matchs, hardware, new moon glue, the electron is electric wait for large quantities of one dominant industries that have competition ability. Dimensions production needs much production to machine equipment, driving industry grows, ask giant equipment manufacturing industry suits to it necessarily, learn communication each other to make travel together domestic and internationally together, strengthen cooperation, conspire industry development; Offer to be gotten acquainted with each other to both sides of supply and demand, negotiate, trading place, hold by market sale association, desolate is a mountainous area and various government and function branch assist the “2008 Zhejiang that do (Xiao Shan) ” of industrial equipment exhibition will be in center of exhibition of square of Xiao Shan new century 17 days one to hold on November 15, 2008. Will make with all one's strength at the appointed time become internationally, professional machinery trades platform, will expand for global travelling merchant long triangle market builds to trade capaciously platform.
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