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Fastener of bedspring of international of 2008 desolate hill reachs manufacturin
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Wonderful exhibit can look into

Exhibition assemble nearly 300 companies that Hong Kong of Taiwan of Japanese Korea China and chinese mainland save city municipality 30 times exhibit gross area achieves 25000 square metre, share 18000 major to buy a presence to look around; The ginseng of 70% exhibits business to harvest quite abundant. Postpone bedspring of the fastener in the meeting and installation kind become current exhibit the largest window of the meeting to also be become current exhibit can trade make one of hot products.

The huge market that desolate hill machinery equips

Equipment manufacturing industry is the main component of economy of desolate hill industry, already formed high low-pressure electric equipment and whole set to make pump valve make a mould machine steam at present rub deserve to make presswork valve of machinery of food of machinery of pharmacy of machinery of production curry of machine of package machine production shoe makes Weiyu hardware make all sorts of machinery make those who be bibcock. At present internationalization extends manufacturing industry of desolate hill equipment pace is accelerated increasingly, most enterprise is upgrading at the industry the period of high speed dilate that the technology innovates, driving to demand of new generation facilities.

Audience and major buy domestic invitation

The visiting business that is invited basically includes;

The car creates a company Mould manufacturing industry Horological instrument creates a company Autocycle creates a company Toy manufacturing industry Glasses manufacturing industry Lighter manufacturing industry Plastic enterprise The metal processes a business

Hardware products creates a company Manufacturer of electric equipment of institute of mechanical design courtyard

Electromechanical equipment creates a company Presswork technology Electron / communication creates a company The technology that pack Universities and colleges Shoemaking enterprise

Show range;

Ginseng exhibit limits;

(1) ; Facilities of special production treatment reachs fastener fittings kind; Cold mound machine, rub silk machine, rub tooth machine, nob machine, zhan tooth machine, attack tooth machine, cold extrusion machine, roll filar machine, make hammer machine, screw machine, screw cap machine, rivet machine, industrial furnace, mould, heating installation of induction of high school frequency, oscillatory dish, make mark machine, wait for machinery.
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