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Fastener of bedspring of international of 2008 desolate hill reachs manufacturin
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(2) ; Bedspring makes technology and equipment, computer bedspring machine, machine of computer stage clip, computer coils reed machine, shoot reed plane automatically, bedspring muller, bend route aircraft, bedspring experiment machine, seize reed experiment opportunity, wait for machinery.

(3) ; Fastener, bedspring testing instrument reachs device, experiment machine, sclerometer, pull control experiment machine, characteristic experiment machine, equipment of cold hot test, equipment of anticorrosive function test, bedspring bear is grading machine, polisher, flaw detection equipment detect special apparatus;

(4) ; Bedspring is relevant goods; Bedspring of of all kinds car, autocycle bedspring, spiracle bedspring, damping spring, clutch bedspring, oil pump bedspring, high temperature bedspring, mould bedspring, bedspring of hydraulic pressure pillar, heat up a bedspring, leaf spring, dish form bedspring, clockwork spring bedspring, different bedspring;

(5) high fastener; Common fastener, fittings and join produce class; Nut, bolt, annul, rivet, nail, snail column, washerbed down the livestock, fastener, combination with join deputy reach relevant product; Fastener and bedspring production use raw material of form a complete set; Special steel, not embroider steel, wire wire.

Propagandist promotion

To be publicized better this second exhibit meeting, the organizing committee will be highest pursuit with joining the benefit that extends trade from beginning to end, weigh the job that invites major to see business as Chongzhongzhi, right current exhibit meeting general to carry out all-around, much angle, the extensive conduct propaganda of deep administrative levels, invite more in order to achieve more professional look around purchase business to attend a meeting negotiate communication is purchased.

By sponsor an unit to organize professional audience to go to meeting view to exhibit through oneself network.

Mail directly 30 thousand directional purchase business invitation, invite direct user. Information is released in website of 40 professional media. Public media; For example; Hangzhou TV station, desolate hill TV station, " Hangzhou daily " " market sale signs up for " " Xiao Shan daily " " Qian Jiang evening paper " etc.

Guidepost advertisement is released in traffic thoroughfare. Send before the meeting " exhibition dispatch " , undertake be mailinged continuously commendatory to the product. 800 thousand email sends major to purchase business regularly. Mail 200 thousand Zhang Can view coil reach 30 thousand to invite contain.
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