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Fastener of bedspring of international of 2008 desolate hill reachs manufacturin
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Ginseng exhibit expense

A international standard is exhibited; 9m (3m 3m) standard configuration; Boarding table chair shoots lintel of lamp electrical outlet board

1 home company; A area 5200 yuan / exhibit B area 4800 yuan / exhibit

2 abroad enterprise; 1200 dollars / exhibit

Double-faced mouth postpones 3 abroad business add close 10%

B interior open space; Hire since 36 square metre (do not contain any exhibition establishment)

1. Domestic company; 520 yuan / square metre

2. Foreign enterprise; 120 dollars / square metre

Immediateness applies for exalted chair

Address; Edifice of Lu Huawei of carry on of desolate of Zhejiang desolate hill 820 rooms

Postcode; 310000

Phone; 0571-83209387 Fax; 0571-22910071


E-mail; Contact; Zhang Jie 13738129715

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