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Jumped over fair of austral border trade 2008
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3, join about inviting postpone an issue Join to reduce exhibit company load, make the enterprise throws funds to the exhibition to prepare the job to go up better, increase showpiece the effect, hurried meets trade derate this the part exhibits a cost and avoid part of cost of prop of booth receiving bid, item on display to go Cheng freight (the specific charge after derate sees next tables) , but exhibit a cost, item on display to import custom duty, certificate fee and ginseng to exhibit personnel to differ travel expenses by ginseng exhibit burden of company proper motion. Construction respect is designed in stall, my meeting will be large company and the medium and small businesses that hope to highlight enterprise and product figure to provide more meticulous and considerate service, I can design personnel general and ginseng to exhibit company clasp, communicate, exhibit a style according to needing to make distinctive showpiece. Exhibition charge forms as follows:

Ginseng Exhibit Cost With Ginseng exhibit cost signing up 1000 yuan of every ginseng exhibit an unit to exhibit a cost 7500 yuan / standards of 9 square metre ⑴ exhibit: Contain 3 wallboard, ginseng to exhibit business to manage blanket of mark board, ground, 3 shoot the lamp, 1 desk 3 chair, wastebasket; ⑵ is exhibited communal decorate, the prop cost of 500 dollars less than; ⑶ cleanness cost, charge of electricity. Freight of item on display avoids home to appoint port to be exhibited to exhibition completely one-way carriage price. Every are exhibited avoid one stere go Cheng freight; Custom duty of item on display provides for oneself; From carry item on display person avoid collect this fee; Item on display answers carry charge to provide for oneself. Ginseng exhibit personnel to expend 10000 yuan / the person is outer 7 days.

4, method signing up and connection means Sign up of purpose please the ginseng with join the company that exhibit good at will filling in before September 15, 2008 exhibits application form fax to be met to me, I meet this exhibition is specific connection means is as follows: Contact: Report of mansion quick clean Word: 010 - 68594837 is passed True: 010 - 68572092 ground Location: Beijing hurried of 46 China trade meets way of 3 lis of rivers mechanical industry branch exhibits 2 mail Make up: 100823 email: Because prepares extend time pressing, ask your unit to clutch affirmatory ginseng exhibits matters concerned to long for. Chinese screw net is participated in this second exhibit of the meeting do sth for sb, if need to seek advice to contact please: Contact: Report of gentleman of Wang Yan wave Word: 020 - 87591587 87516114-815 is passed True: 020 - 87516224 email: Accessory: 1. Ginseng extend application form 2 ΟΟ 8 years on August 13 Accessory:
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