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Attend about going to the United States east, western international industry fas
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Run a region: Abroad [Other] Release a company: China is mechanical and general component industry associationHold time: 2008-11-12 comes 2008-11-14Hold a place: The United StatesExhibit meeting level: Screw and hardware industry are exhibited meeting Contact: 010-68594837 of mansion quick cleanRelease time: 2008-09-27Net Location:

Attend about going to the United States east, western international industry fastener, bedspring, coupling exhibition and the announcement that research American company Each concern an unit: Our country fastener and development of industry of relevant form a complete set are at present rapid, had become the big state that world fastener industry produces, no matter from crop, exit quantity and manufacturer are mixed,occupy world lead position from trade number, this exhibition is held in the United States, to our country the enterprise of industry of many 7000 standard component seeks the market, it is better chance, study foreign country is advanced at the same time experience, promote the science and technology of product of our country company content, can have new help. This exhibition only then 1981, already developed nowadays become the major with this domain the greatest whole world to exhibit one of, annual and fixed in May the last ten-day of a month is mixed the first ten days of a month parted to be held in Atlanta, Las Vegas in November. Exhibition basically reveals of all kinds fastener to reach nonstandard, bedspring, coupling reach pattern of relevant treatment facilities, special class, raw material, testing instrument to wait. Develop the venture of the international market to drop a business, decrease join the expense that exhibits an enterprise, my association plans to apply for “ medium and small businesses to develop ” of international market capital to the Ministry of finance, the allowance after exhibiting postpones a business to each ginseng. The fastener that welcomes to have export capacity, weak reed, coupling the enterprise attends and visit fair. Visit time: The eastpart part is exhibited meeting May 2008 20—21 day (exhibition period 2 days) , place: Bar Bian of  of go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married of Fu of anchor of  Che ザ bumps into? to exhibit a cost: 14000 yuan of RMBs (every exhibit a 3M×3M) western exhibit meeting in November 2008 12-14 day (exhibition period 2 days) , place: Bar   blows  uranous? to exhibit a cost: 16000 yuan of RMBs (every are exhibited 3M×3M) Personnel expenses: Wait for calm; Cost signing up 1000 yuan of RMBs / each. Date of expiration signing up: The eastpart part is exhibited meeting on Feburary 26, 2008, exhibit western meeting on June 31, 2008. If the enterprise is willing to enter this activity, fill in please application form signing up, fax my association. Contact: Phone of mansion quick clean: 010-68594837 Fax: 010-68572092 Gathering unit reachs bank Zhang mark: Open an account bank: Mayor of Beijing of industrial and commercial travel installs door of subbranch of a bank Renown: Chinese mechanism is current debt of component industry association Date: 0200003309004001321
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