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Iranian international steam matched exhibition 2008
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Run a region: Abroad [IR] Release a company: Beijing rich exhibits international exhibition limited companyHold time: 2008-11-11 comes 2008-11-14Hold a place: Iranian TeheranExhibit meeting level: Screw and hardware industry are exhibited meeting Contact: Thank Zhi Qiong 010-68228174Release time: 2008-08-13Net Location:

The exhibition is periodic: A year an item on display: The car reachs car a replacement: System of the entertainment inside system of tire of product of equipment of a replacement of car of carriage car of truckload, passenger car, lorry, project, family expenses, car, component and component, vehicle repair, maintenance, wheel, sound box and equipment, car, car processes trade power source of equipment of product, gas station, batteries, sky, exhibit meeting history: (2007) 30 thousand smooth rice, among them abroad postpone business 500. Postpone meeting introduction: Should exhibit 2007 can more than 500 abroad ginseng postpone business. England, china, france, india, germany, spain, thailand, the ginseng of Turkey and A couplet chief of a tribe exhibits business to deserve to exhibit meeting. Should exhibit can match association to sponsor by Iranian steam. Iranian home has 2000 steam to match a factory about at present, 650 members, among them in large manufacturer has 100. Iran is 500 thousand every year to the demand of all sorts of car at present, to 2012, iran year car demand will amount to 1 million. But, year of its home's existing output is only 380 thousand or so. While Iran is increasing a car to produce an amount oneself, also reach car of many imports and exports fittings, will make up for a society with this the demand to car. In the classics trade of Yi two countries is complementary the gender is strong, having vast development space. China is Iran with associate of 2 large trade, the bilateral trading business volume of two countries reached 5.623 billion dollar last year. My company is what should exhibit conference organizing committee to be in China to appoint a sole agent, be in charge of should exhibiting the meeting promotion in home to reach in the round form a delegation the job. We organized Chinese fittings manufacturer successfully to be exhibited to Iranian ginseng 2007, obtained favorable result. 2008, we will assist domestic client to develop Iranian market further, it is certain that we believe to attend this to exhibit can offer good trafficker opportunity for the enterprise.