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Exposition of component of car of 2008 China International
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Run a region: Beijing of · of Chinese · Beijing Release a company: China International car component expositionHold time: 2008-11-12 comes 2008-11-15Hold a place: Center of exhibition of Beijing China International (new house)Exhibit meeting level: Screw and hardware industry are exhibited meeting Contact: Mr Zhou 010-81688898Release time: 2008-08-07Net Location: Http://

Exposition of component of car of 2008 China International
Exposition of the Asia that Department of Commerce of —— of platform of level of —— China only state holds' biggest international car component

Exhibit date: On November 12, 2008 - on November 15
The exhibition is periodic: Annual
Exhibit an area: Make an appointment with 100 thousand square metre
Ginseng postpone business: 2500 (predict)
Time signing up: End to on August 31, 2008
Show a location: Beijing China International exhibits a center (new house)
Exhibit house address: Beijing arranges area of business affairs of city of airport of Zhu of justice area day

Origanization construction
Run an unit: Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China
Sponsor an unit: Group of Chinese current technology
Assist run an unit:
Society of the market after American car (AAIA)
Association of supplier of American car form a complete set (OESA)
American car changes his costume or dress things association (SEMA)
Group of action of American auto industry (AIAG)
International car engineer learns (SAE-International)
German federal purchases content to shed association (BME)
Association of French car component (FIEV)
Association of collaboration of Korea auto industry (KAICA)
British commerce and investment office (UTI)
Association of Italian auto industry (ANFIA)
Chamber of commerce of course of study of things of fittings of autocycle of car of business association of China whole nation (CAMP)
Consortium of a person of same business of industry of electron of Taiwan area electric machinery (TEEMA)
Taipei car urges the office with electronic business chance (TCPO)
Consortium of a person of same business of industry of Taiwan division car (TTVMA)
Hanse of Taipei city computer (TCA)
Chinese economy news agency (CENS) … is waited a moment
Support an unit:
Association of Chinese auto industry (CAAM)
Chinese car project learns (SAE-China)
Industry of Japanese car component is met (JAPIA)
Association of Japanese auto industry (JAMA)
Association of British car component (SMMT)
Article of British take an examination ofing hangs down reach Warwick county area chamber of commerce (CWCC)
Korea car Manufacturers Association (KAMA)
Foundation of auto industry globalization (AIN Global)
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