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Exposition of component of car of 2008 China International
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To promote communication of automobile industry international and cooperation, strengthen car and component business own innovation ability, promote international competition ability, chinese Department of Commerce decides to hold fair of component of China International car, exposition holds every year. Regard industry of automobile of China and foreign countries as the main platform of international communication and collaboration, its development is sure to drive car component industry to participate in international competition and collaboration in the round, the international that deepens world automobile industry divides the work, optimize a car to supply chain, to the development of world automobile industry progress has active sense.
Exposition of component of car of first China International (CIAPE) at coming to was in Beijing on December 1 on November 29, 2007 China International exhibits a center to be held successfully. Come from the whole world 1049 ginseng of 27 countries and area exhibit an enterprise to be in of 50000 square metre exhibit its exhibited inside the area concept of newest product, innovation and brand image, among them abroad exhibit business to occupy 20 % . 45360 audiences that come from 97 countries and area visited first CIAPE, among them sea exterior everybody counts 6200. Those who rank before 10 is abroad purchase business state to be not mixed the area is Korea, United States, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Germany, Iran, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Turkey.
The 2nd CIAPE will be in center of exhibition of Beijing China International on November 15 at coming on November 12, 2008 (new house) hold.

CIAPE characteristic
— of platform of level of ● China only state—Exposition of the market after the Asia's biggest international car component is reached
— of the market after market of form a complete set of whole world of ● fixed position and carry out—World-famous professional association, purchase product of association, maintenance association, distribute orgnaization, famous car to interlink enterprise of component of inn, famous car, 8 cross a state greatly tens of homes of automobile group and China are truckload the company carries a brand figure, banner technology and product, purchase personnel of group, research and development, .
The group of industry of ● car component reveals ——CIAPE ginseng exhibits an enterprise to cover industry of tycoon of international car component, enclothe city of lake of Chinese Changchun, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Wuhan, overgrown with weeds, stage, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Hefei, Baoding, Liuzhou base of industry of 12 old automobiles and base industry, land of the home in enclothing is all area of catenary of car product industry. Purchase business and personnel of research and development get acquainted with with one action and main supplier is mixed inside deepness contact line of business newest product, still can discover and build purchase newly supply channel.
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