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Exposition of component of car of 2008 China International
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● promotes the platform of international competition ability ——Exhibition will release the development trend with international the bannerest auto industry and product, show world forward position the concept of research and development with manufacturing investment and technology, advanced international, environmental protection concept, production mode, purchase mode and administrative method, still include China to have the positive result of research and development of own intellectual property.
The bridge of industry of automobile of ● join China and foreign countries
● heavyweight forum and high quality are purchased negotiate meeting

CIAPE content
” of exposition of component of car of “ China International is Chinese Department of Commerce according to internationalization, specialization, exposition of the market after the component of car of international of only state level that commercializes a principle to hold is reached. Trend of exposition collect China and level of whole of industry of international car product, development, new product, new technology, new material, new technology is released reach achievement to change, establish brand image, introduce advanced technique, equipment, crucial part, advanced management and abroad intelligence, enlarge an entrance, increase export, new market is developed, the investment outside churchyard cooperates, research and development, production is interactive, the multinomial function such as domestic and international communication at an organic whole, course of study of the market after be being mixed for China and international car component is offerred reveal all-aroundly, purchase, the platform of communication, collaboration.

Activity of the corresponding period
Exposition the corresponding period holds height and professional forum, chinese government official, expert of domain of domestic and international association, institution of higher learing, auto industry, famous CEO and purchase chief will publish splendid speech and with respect to heat topic for discussion, industry newest development trends and international purchase special subject to spread out discuss, its authority, guide gender and actual effect sex to make a person expect. The North America that the imports and exports of the first height forum that CIAPE held 400 people, technical development forum of 200 people, 500 people purchases the Kelaisile of forum, 550 people to purchase special performance, 350 people is purchased negotiate meeting etc 9 40 - of 80 people, the warm reception of the person that be attended the meeting. The forum of the 2nd CIAPE and negotiate the meeting will be more outstanding.

Exhibit business and audience
At the appointed time, will have the numerous car that comes from the China, United States, Germany, France, England, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Sweden, Czech, Hungarian, middle east, Japan, Korea, India, Turkey, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, country such as Taiwan and area.
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