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Exposition of component of car of 2008 China International
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Limits of item on display
Car component
Engine system, chassis system, brake system, travel system, turn to system of electric equipment of system, automobile body and component system, electron, exhaust system, tire to wait;
Product of the market after carry out
Electric equipment of A car electron: TV of car acoustics, car, safe guard against theft, car carries navigation of phone, satellite, calm
Freezer of window of monitoring, dynamoelectric door, air conditioning, back a car radar, light and lighting system;
B automobile articles for use: Glazing, seat, sit set, cushion, steering wheel is covered, safety belt, muffler, rain is blown piece, car
Cover of things of component of act the role ofing of film of lock, explosion proof, inside and outside, sunshade, field things, sweet gill fungus, car;
Equipment of C conserve hairdressing reachs things: Clean reach candle of service facilities, car, lube, additive, coating, smooth lacquer, burnish
Product, cleaner;
D maintenance detects equipment of plant of diagnostic equipment and tool, spray paint, parking lot equipment
E car repairs chain store, after service quickly to interlink inn
Give somebody a new lease on life of F car environmental protection, loop, trash handles equipment and product
The car changes furnish equipment and articles for use
Energy-saving reach a product with technology of new energy resources
The media related to car product line of business, attestation, finance and insurance device, club
Chinese own brand is truckload

Why should go this exhibition
Ginseng of optimal platform —— postpones business, purchase business, professional audience to build up, battle array at the height of power and splendour
Society of ● world-famous major, purchase product of association, maintenance association, distribute orgnaization, famous car to interlink enterprise of component of inn, famous car, 8 cross a state greatly tens of homes of automobile group and China are truckload the company carries a brand figure, banner technology and product, purchase personnel of group, research and development.
● CIAPE ginseng exhibits an enterprise to cover industry of tycoon of international car component, enclothe city of lake of Chinese Changchun, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Wuhan, overgrown with weeds, stage, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Hefei, Baoding, Liuzhou base of industry of 12 old automobiles and base industry, land of the home in enclothing is all area of catenary of car product industry. Purchase business and personnel of research and development get acquainted with with one action and main supplier is mixed inside deepness contact line of business newest product, still can discover and build purchase newly supply channel.
The comprehensive promotion that ● exposition wins orgnaization of association of orgnaization of business affairs of Chinese various government, main trade, professional media and representative, information enclothes banner and congener major to exhibit meeting.
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