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Exposition of component of car of 2008 China International
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● exposition will obtain China to be stationed in major of 150 countries diplomatic and consular missions, international association, famous exhibit meeting and abroad the direct conduct propaganda of orgnaization of many 50 representative is popularized and assist recruit to exhibit business and professional audience, make exposition gains more extensive international influence.
Achievement is revealed
● exhibition will release the development trend with international the bannerest auto industry and product, show world forward position the concept of research and development with manufacturing investment and technology, advanced international, environmental protection concept, production mode, purchase mode and administrative method, still include China to have the positive result of research and development of own intellectual property.
The bridge of industry of automobile of join China and foreign countries
● CIAPE reflects the integral level of Chinese auto industry and development trend in the round, the material information such as intent of the quality that reflects position of industry of the market after Chinese car component is reached and product, price, collaboration, it is international car product the optimal information platform that purchases business, supplier to enter Chinese market and communication, trade platform.
● knows business of Chinese car component to go to the lavatory, the directory of supplier of qualification of Chinese car component that CIAPE will release course government business affairs to be in charge of sectional qualification to maintain 2008.
The requirement terribly that ● automobile industry reachs security to character, dependability is strict, this exhibition can provide platform for Chinese inland enterprise, prove its product achieves rigid standard, good quality and optimal sex price to compare, to develop overseas market further, enter international to purchased business eye shot to create an opportunity.
● exposition makes Chinese ginseng postpones business not only can low cost is gotten acquainted with, the international of high quality of bring into contact with purchases business, promote product, study regulation of experience, understanding, establish channel; Return the platform that can adopt international form, contact the supplier of world each district, product and information, master competitive information, enlarge international eye shot, comply with development trend, recommend intellective technology, promotion level of research and development, found own brand, participate in overseas investment, the trend internationalization that makes product and enterprise more accurate.
● exposition holds the capital that ground Beijing is People's Republic of China, at the core region that East Asia prosperity encircles, it is one of aviation key positions with significant international, the traffic hub that also is China is mixed the distribution centre of content shedding, stream of people, iformation flow. Peace conference of center of the political center that it is China, culture center, information center, research and development exhibits a center, be high official of world each country and enterprise and Chinese association surely classics ground, it is China civilization and contemporary car culture blending internationalization is metropolitan.
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