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Exposition of component of car of 2008 China International
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The international collaboration will that the guiding information of development of a series of estate of Chinese car product and multilateral each other win ● will be in exhibit form during the meeting, it is the vane of development of estate of Chinese car product and international communication collaboration.

Welcome to Beijing
● November 2008, beijing, the 29th Olympic Games holds a city, we are cordial invite you to be exhibited in order to join, look around, purchase, negotiate, communication, collaboration multiform come to Beijing, in “ same a world, same car component is achieved in all hand in hand in the Olympic Games atmosphere of a dreamy ” the international grand meeting of course of study.

Extend a price
The standard exhibits: A area RMB 19620 yuan of / (rice of 3 meters of X 3)
B area RMB 13320 yuan of / (rice of 3 meters of X 3)
C area RMB 7830 yuan of / (rice of 3 meters of X 3)
* double mouth is exhibited add close 10% .

Indoor light ground: AClassify RMB Square metre of 1980 yuan of / (least 36 square metre)
B area RMB Square metre of 1280 yuan of / (least 36 square metre)
C area RMB Square metre of 740 yuan of / (least 36 square metre)
* is used indoor, outside the ginseng of smooth ground postpones business the beard is additional to exhibit an administrative office to pay field administration fee.

Cloth extends time: &Nbsp; 2008 year on November 9 - 11 days
Show time: &Nbsp; 2008 year on November 12 - 14 days (9: 00 - 17: 00)
On November 15, 2008 (9: 00 - 15: 00)
Ginseng extend a program:
● enterprise is in learn after exhibit meeting information or receiving invitation letter, ask for please " ginseng extend a contract " .
● enterprise should be read carefully " ginseng extend a contract " , fill in " application form " , in " ginseng extend a contract " reach " application form " on after building enterprise official seal, photocopy of file of aptitude of along with enterprise, fax or mail to office of organizing committee flutter.
● organizing committee is in get a business " ginseng extend a contract " and after approve enterprise ginseng exhibits a qualification, allot to the enterprise " collect fees advice note " .
● ginseng exhibits an enterprise to be in receive " collect fees advice note " hind, will exhibit a cost within 5 weekday 50% as deposit (or sum exhibits a cost) collect assign Zhang number to the organizing committee. Exhibit an at latest of part of cost remaining sum to be in before beginning 90 days paid, otherwise the organizing committee will regard an enterprise as to abandon joining extend the right.
● sum exhibits a cost to arrive after account, join those who exhibit an enterprise to will get the organizing committee mails " ginseng exhibit confirm letter " (embedded extend a date) . Ginseng postpone a business by " ginseng exhibit confirm letter " report for duty ginseng exhibit and bill is gotten in the spot.
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