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The European Union cancels to oppose dumping measure temporarily to my fastener
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The latest news that reporter of report from our correspondent gets from Brussels of European Union headquarters, on July 24 the European Union returns do all one canAnnulCommittee represents the conference to go up, each delegate agrees consistently to be not adopted to the fastener product that imports from China return do all one can temporarilyAnnulMeasure, express to after to me the objection that raises in counterplea has further investigation, will decide again whether to adopt return do all one can finallyAnnulMeasure.

This is fine the achievement of the hard-earned that promotes association of industry of city fastener imports and exports to go to an European Union to undertake go canvassing counterplea is striven for through forming a delegation twice. This gave up not only the apprehension that business of our city fastener accepts the order normally currently, also strove for for next go canvassing jobs be as long as the time of half an year.

Europe appoint can be opposite on August 9 formerly the case makes be cut into parts first, collect to experience record company return do all one can temporarilyAnnulDuty. "This one decision reflected them to have the cautious attitude of the case to this, before also showing us at the same time, first-order Duan You says the job obtained better result. " Zhang Xing of deputy director general of bureau of trade of the classics outside city fragrant express.

Return do all one can as thisAnnulThe area of main experience case of the case, amount of record of our city total experience is 97 million dollar, involve whole town fastener production andCommerceEnterprise more than 90. After case hair, bureau of trade of the classics outside city organizes an enterprise to should appeal to actively on one hand, coach on the other hand fine association of industry of imports and exports of the fastener that start city last year on December 19 Xiang Ou appoint can hand over nondestructive to kill contradictory opinion book, undertake on behalf of entire industry nondestructive kills counterplea, formed a delegation twice May at was being mixed Feburary this year respectively go to an European Union to attend a hearing, have the activity such as go canvassing counterplea at the same time.

This a series of the action is right Europe appoint the meeting is decision-making brought to bear on pressure, support of more public opinion was striven for in European Union interior, the partial counterplea reason that association offers also got Europe appoint those who meet an official approbate. Europe appoint can final decision, abandon should be in what began on August 9 to return do all one can temporarily originally
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