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Leader of one boat Guizhou group inspects c of c i f
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On July 29, china is Yu Xiao of vise general manager of group of one boat Guizhou, medium boatStandard componentIndustry of aviation of Zhang Xin of president of production limited company, China Guizhou (group) industry of aviation of Guizhou of Dai Jun of undersecretary of ministry of operation of capital of finite liability company, China (group) ministry of operation of capital of finite liability company division of deputy total economy FenganSea saltOf the relevant leader such as Zhu Haihong of director of bureau of trade of the classics outside the county accompany below, comeSea saltChina International fastenerHardwareCity, develop with respect to settle civilStandard componentMatters concerned undertakes be discussinged in detail.
As we have learned, in the war industry enterprise of Ministry of Aviation of home of dependency of navigation mark be subordinate to, it is the overall, whole set with only work of our country aviationStandard component, of high strenth fastener and small part specialization scientific research produces base. Company aviationStandard componentproduction technology, treatmentEquipmentOccupy domestic lead position, especially crucial technology, key detects method, crucial treatmentEquipmentHad been been close to or reached the advanced level of course of study of international person of the same trade. All the time since, order of navigation mark product basically comes from national admeasure in, in recent years, while navigation mark is completing national order form in, escalate is civil fastener business. But because the enterprise is located in Guizhou a mountainous area, traffic inconvenience, information not free, together with is insufficient to the related side experience such as civil fastener technology, civilian taste order photograph to be opposite less. Signed early May garrison about China International fastenerHardwareCity while, navigation mark prepares to be in inSea saltUse and buy the way of the enterprise, its civil fastener product line is movedSea salt, have an advantage complementary, in order to advance its the development of civil fastener product.
This second make an on-the-spot investigation causedSea saltThe height of each respect takes seriously. Sea salt
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